Best Tips for Marijuana Detox

‘Marijuana’ – the word which is capable of turning your world upside down metaphorically as well as literally. Marijuana refers to a preparation usually made from any dried parts of the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. This plant has an approximate summation of 483 chemical compounds maximum of which is undoubtedly hazardous to human brains. Out of the  483 compounds, the number of cannabinoids present is 65 roughly.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the cannabinoids present in the plant and is the potent chemical used in Marijuana. It is used to produce psychoactive drugs exclusively and very rarely medicines. Cannabis can produce short-term as well as long-term effects, usually, cause long-term effects to the teenagers who started using Marijuana at a fair age.

The Short-Term Effects of Marijuana Can Make You

  • Feel Euphoria (mood illusion)
  • Change your usual perceptions or point of views
  • Feel “high” or “stoned”
  • Feel lousy about things in life
  • Have a dry mouth
  • Have red and puffy eyes

Long-Term Effects of Taking Marijuana

  • You may lose “restriction sense” of the brain due to which you may act in an altered manner (this is because of the fact that cannabinoids accumulate in the membranes of neurones thus altering its functions altogether),
  • You may lose your brain ability to memorize (acute memory loss), develop psychosis, and so on.
  • You may also suffer from shallow or rapid breathing, increased appetite, and bloat.
  • The potential hazards of using marijuana are endless and definitely certain.
  • The ultimate hazard that tops the list is Cancer and Death in turn.

This is because Cannabis work in your body in such a way so that the DNAs present in your body get easily attacked or damaged by it so that you become the susceptible host for the disease Cancer gradually.

Not only Cancer, you may be subjected to a series of diseases unknowingly and suffer the adverse outcome because Cannabis also jeopardizes your Immune System. As a result of which the natural immunity gets suppressed.

Marijuana Can be Taken in a Number of Ways;

  • Smoked like usual cigarettes after rolling a cigarette like “joint”.
  • Eaten with foodstuffs or brewed as a normal tea.
  • Smoked by using a dry pipe known as “bong”.
  • Smoked with other hallucinating drugs like Phencyclidine, etc
  • Smoked with “blunts” (marijuana stuffed in an empty cigar)

Statistically, it has been studied that 2.7% to 4.9% of the human population globally used Cannabis in the year of 2013. It is so far the most famous and used social or illicit drugs.

Detoxing from this strong addiction is questionable and adamant. Although I have a complete guide regarding how to Detox from Marijuana with a few simple steps. Before knowing how to detox from Marijuana, it is important for you to understand and analyze the Marijuana Detox Symptoms rigorously.

Symptoms that You Need Marijuana Detox

  • Hyper-anxiety
  • Chronic Insomnia or Hypersomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Heavy and persistent depression
  • Discomforts usually by sweating or chills
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain and cramps
  • Easily tired or suffering from long-term fatigue
  • Excessive yawning
  • Increased appetite
  • Considerable mind distraction
  • Brain dysfunctioning
  • Slow reaction time

There are varieties of Detox Programs and Detox Methods for you to opt for. Starting from home remedies to get rid of Marijuana, participating in different Detoxing Programs to clear Marijuana from your system to using Detox Kits and Detox Drinks ensuring removal of the substance both from your lifestyle and body. Before trying out any of the following methods, keep in mind that you need to go through a Drug Test at the end of your detox regime.

Natural Tips for Natural Marijuana Detox

# Abide by that Healthy Diet Routine

Make sure that the diet chart is full of fiber and contains plenty of green leafy vegetables. Eating high-fiber food is very important to flush out THC of your body naturally. Fruits and vegetables rich in Pectin (natural source of high-fiber) are highly recommendable from the detoxing point of view. This is because Pectin helps in proper functioning of the digestive tract and also helps you get your digestive tract moving to cleanse you out.

It has been found that most of the THC and THC products are excreted in faeces. So in order to clear your drug test, the more you poop and urinate, the better, though this has to be done naturally without the help of artificial Laxatives. For this, maintain a proper diet chart full of healthy ingredients including Magnesium, Anti-oxidants, Activated Charcoal, Vitamin B, and Pectin.

# Intake of Water

Dilution is the easiest home remedy to pass a drug test if done properly. Drink as much water as you can regularly as this will effectively remove the THC content from your system. It is also fruitful if done before the urine test for Cannabis as the water will change or cover the base of your urine and help you pass the exam. To properly dilute your body system, befriend with water and B vitamins for a long time.

# Exercise Regularly

THC gets stored in fat cells most of the times. The finest way to burn fat is exercise, hence if you have plenty of time left before you appear for the drug test, it is a wise decision to start exercising as exercises will hit and burn the very cells containing THC. This step is extremely natural and easy to do at home.

# Take Proper Rest

Maximum detoxification happens when your body is resting. When you are sleeping or resting peacefully, your body functions operate optimally and this is a prerequisite for detoxification to begin naturally. So try avoiding disturbances when resting. This is very important for you to detox internally from Marijuana.T

Try Dandelion Root Tea

This acts as a natural diuretic or kidney tonic and helps you clean your system from Marijuana. The benefits of herbal tea such as this are never-ending and surprisingly true. Detoxing from Marijuana is one of them. Brew some Dandelion Root in a hot water bath and drink it warm in the early morning for better results. Continue this practice for a while. You may also try out green tea, jasmine tea or even black tea as each of these has natural detoxing properties.

Add Diuretics to Your Diet

Diuretics help in better metabolism in your body and increase the frequency of your urination. This has a huge benefit to do with your natural detoxification as already discussed earlier. So, add more and more diuretics to your eating habits.

Iced tea, Apple cider vinegar, Coffee, Midol, Cranberry juice, Grape juice, etc are some of the important diuretics which you should take into account in this respect. Fruits and veggies also act as natural diuretics. Watermelon, Apples, Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, etc can be eaten in large proportions for the same purpose.

Magical Detox Herbs For Detoxing At Home

Red Clover is at the top of the list of herbs that can be used to detox from drugs like Marijuana. It has amazing blood purifying properties and also ensures proper circulation of blood without any formation of clots. Besides, it restricts the tendency to develop Cancer due to the usage of Marijuana.

Steep 3 – 4 blossoms in a cup of warm water for about 10 to 12 mins. Next is Burdock Root, which is another famous blood purifier. This is capable of working on your liver and purifying it extensively. It cleanses toxins like Marijuana from your liver as well as lymph system. Have a soup of Burdock Root and let it do the magic. Basil is an excellent blood filter as well. Dropping 8 basil leaves in your morning tea is a great start for detoxification.

Reishi Mushroom

This is considered as a Chinese tonic. This acts as a wonderful catalyst in improving your liver’s detoxification process. Out of many health benefits, enriching oxygen utilization in your body and protecting your liver from damages caused by drugs are the most important ones. This is because of the presence of Ganodosterone and Triterpenes in the mushroom.

These act as antihepatotoxic ingredients and help to save the liver from further damages. Having this in soup is the most comfortable way than making a tonic.

Marijuana Detox Drinks

Natural Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has natural detoxing properties and helps in cleansing toxins from your blood including drugs. It is advisable for you to drink lemon juice daily for a long period before your drug test commences.

Make a lemon juice mixed with pure distilled water according to your preference. Please note that you have to be patient with this process as detoxification naturally with natural ingredients demands time.

Artificial: Mega Clean/ Toxin Rid, etc.

Detox drinks have become globally popular for its easy and quick application and results. The effect, however, depends on the detox drink you are purchasing. Most of the drinks have been found beneficial as they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins which aid the process of detoxification in your body. These drinks are also able to flush out the stubborn toxins which could not be flushed out earlier for a long time.

Detox drinks should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. Taking such drinks in the morning also boosts your metabolism which is a crucial step for detoxing from Marijuana or any other drugs.

Marijuana Detox Tips

  • Go for Sauna as sweating helps in eliminating THC from our body. But be cautious about the extreme consequences of heart conditions, etc. before sitting in the Sauna. Also, drink as much electrolyte drink as possible while undergoing the process.
  • Eat Avocados and Tuna in plenty as these contain the flushing vitamin, Niacin.
  • Abstaining from further Marijuana Usage is most important above all. All of these practices will simply go in vain if you do not stop taking Marijuana.

How long does it take to Detox from Marijuana?

This cannot be answered generally as the degree of consumption and the tolerance of the body vary from person to person. For some people, it takes 3 yrs to get off Marijuana completely while for some other people, it is a matter of 3 months. If steps are taken immediately after withdrawal symptoms, it usually does not take years to detox from Marijuana. So act as soon as possible.

Marijuana Detox Effects

  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Low energetic
  • Low appetite
  • The urge of retaking Marijuana

These effects will last for a few days or weeks till you start living your life without depending on some dried leaves of Cannabis. So, hold on firmly during this phase and never let yourself break the Abstinence at any cost.

Marijuana Detox Kit

This is a detox package which you can purchase according to the preferable duration of detoxing, for example, if you have two months left to appear for your drug test, you can buy a detox kit which would take two months to detox you completely. You have to be practical about this though. If you are a chronic smoker or user, you cannot clean in 24 hours, that goes without saying.  Buy Here

B.N.G. Herbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Kit
B.N.G. Herbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Kit

Buy Here

15 Pack Easy@Home Marijuana (thc) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit
15 Pack Easy@Home Marijuana (thc) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit

Lastly, I would suggest researching the product you decide to purchase or seeking help from a medical professional regarding this before implementing. You need to be really patient and practical about this process to end on a good note.

Looking Into The Kaleidoscope of Digital Detox

Are you the one who needs to post good night and good morning every day on social media? Are you posting your selfies every hour? Do you feel that your life has been sucked out of you if your Smartphone has been snatched out of your hands even for ten minutes? Do not worry! You are not exclusive here. Today, the definition of life is to be constantly plugged in! The level has risen to such an alarming extent that it is now considered a pollutant in our life and remedial measures are being looked into! This made online Oxford Dictionary, add a new vocabulary last year, “Digital Detox”! Here, we would look into the kaleidoscope of the term. Stay hooked!

How to Digital Detox

What is Digital Detox?

Going by definition, digital detox refers to that time period during which you withdraw from all kinds of electronic gadget and devices and discover back the life when the technology and gadgets were not an extension of you, the way they are today. The addiction to technology has risen to such a level that it has become a subject of intense study and various stats and its harmful effects are being published every day!

Why a Digital Detox?

If you think, we are asking you to completely shun technology, let me tell you that it is not so. Technology definitely has its advantages and we can’t help but appreciate it. However, on the flip side, it has increasingly dominated our social interactions. It is a well-known adage that excess of anything is bad. The same holds true for excess addiction to the internet. Various surveys and research conducted especially in the UK have presented us with some shocking facts like:-

  • On an average, a person checks his phone 200 times a day i.e. checking after every six and half minutes.
  • An average Brit spends about 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on the screen of various electronics which is more than the time spent on sleeping. Even the children screen time is six and half hours per day.
  • The average time spent on social media is 1.72 hours a day.
  • A 2016 study shows that we tap, swipe or click our various electronic devices about 2,617 times a day.
  • 69% of children complain of their parents spending more time with their mobile devices than with them.
  • Over 50% of adults admit to being completely hooked to their Smartphones.
  • 80% of Smartphone users admit to checking their phone as soon as they get up.
  • 62% of polled UK adults admit to detesting the time they spend on their phone.
  • Various studies have also established a strong link between heavy mental illness and depression and digital addiction.

These are just some of the stats which force us to sit up and take notice. The various harmful effects of digital addiction are fast getting established and thus arises the need to get the balance back via a digital detox. Some of the established harmful effects of digital addiction are:-

  • Deterioration of Relationships

If you look at relationships today, it has come down to texting via Emojis. Most relationships are through text messages and social media. Actual human interaction is fast fading even though people may reside in the same house. We have forgotten to enjoy the human company. This has not only caused a strain in all aspects of our human relationships but has also affected our mental balance and happiness level.

  • Negative impact on parenting

The most concerning effect has been on parenting. Today, an increasing number of children are being handed over a tab or a Smartphone to browse children videos and spend time on it. This has also made us turn into harsher parents. We are more irritated with the child for trying to attract the attention from our Smartphone and are harsher in our behavior towards the innocent soul. Likewise, the child is not developing the traits of caring for another human being. Consequently, we are raising emotionally barren children which are again triggering dangerous risks and problems ahead. Is it any wonder that humanity and goodness of heart are on the decline?

  • Mental Stress and Anxiety

Internet addiction has gradually led to the isolation of the people. This has not only affected his physical health but also his brain chemistry. The addiction is making him lose his self-identity and real connection with life. Further research has pointed out that internet abuse changes the pattern of neural circulatory that reduces a person’s ability for self-modulation, decreases his concentration and focus, lessens his aptitude for maintaining long-term goals, and increases depression signs which increase risk of drug abuse etc. The list is endless.

  • Dangerous impact of social media on vulnerable minds / Rise in cyber crime

While none can deny the positive impact of the social media, its dangerous side is also getting manifested every day. If you are a regular follower of news, you would know just how many impressionable teenagers has been heavily influenced by terrorists using Facebook, Twitter, and even Whats App and used as a guinea pig to meet their selfish and dangerous aims. This is perhaps its most dangerous implication. Another craze on Facebook is posting pictures. With Facebook extremely easy to hack, even your personal settings do not deter criminals from downloading your pictures and exploiting it unethically. Cyber stalking is also extremely common which has often proved to be life threatening as well. If we look at its not so dangerous effect, the messaging on Facebook, Whats App etc. have taken a heavy toll on the language development. The new internet lingo and abbreviations have led to a serious cultural decline. Continual typing has led to many neuromuscular diseases in children of quite a young age including teenagers and below. Even the eyesight has taken a hot and many kids get prescribed with vision glasses at an extremely young age.

Digital Detox Image
Digital Detox Image

How can Digital Detox Change your Life?

While we can neither shun technology nor deny its numerous advantages, health experts strongly recommend cutting off completely from technology for a limited period of time on a regular basis to retain both mental and physical health. You can always reconnect back with technology after the detox but you would find yourself using it in a much more judicious and responsible manner and be a more happy person from inside. Some of its major benefits are:-

  • Experiencing Real Peace

You may not realize but the constant need to check your phone or be on alert for a beep sound of a message or alert does not give a single moment of peace to your brain. Consequently, you too are on edge. When this gets blocked, you experience a peace and relaxation that even you did not realize was missing. This puts your brain at rest and lends you an inner peace and calm. This goes a long way in de-stressing you in the real sense of the word.

  • Reconnect Back with Friends and Family

With electronics no longer monopolizing your time and attention, you are free to spend quality time with your friends and family. This helps strengthen the bonding with all and form real relationships with your spouse, children and even friends. Try going out for dinner without any electronics. You would be amazed at just how enjoyable and memorable the experience would turn out to be.

  • Become More Present and Mindful

No matter where you live, there are always plenty of beautiful things surrounding you that you can appreciate. Getting disconnected from technology makes you ready to notice things around you and truly appreciate them. You are able to focus more on both your inner self and outer environment and become more purposeful and action oriented. This helps you get a sense of purpose as well as an achievement which works wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem. This also keeps depression and all other negative emotions disappear.

  • Increased Work Productivity

Without the pull of social media and Smartphone, a person tends to get more active and throws himself more wholeheartedly into the job at hand.  This makes him do a more successful job with greater focus. He also is more active which makes him a healthier individual.

  • Numerous Health Benefits

One of the major psychological distresses of the high-tech gadgets is disruption of sleep pattern. Lack of a good sleep leads to numerous health problems. A digital detox helps to get a sound and fitful sleep which makes all body functioning better. You are able to eat better, are more active and give yourself more exercise, binge eating due to multi-tasking gets averted, distress and anxiety disappear and various other positive health benefits ensue.

  • This ultimately a digital detox leads to a better physical and mental health person with greater social skills and relationships with another human being. Basically, you learn back how to be a human.

How to Digital Detox?

Now that we understand digital detox and its various benefits, the next step is how to actually do it. How do you start?  Below mentioned are few tips to help you get started to getting unplugged:-

  • Make a Gadget List

Before you even get initiated into digital detox, make a list of all your gadgets that have become synonymous with you. This will help you gain insight into just how dependent on technology you have become. Simultaneously, try making a list of things that you love or had wished that you could do. This will give you an agenda during your digital detox period and save you from feeling at a loss.

  • Set a Goal for Yourself

It is always advisable not to plunge directly into digital detox but slowly ease into it. You should always start small like making it your goal not to be connected to your TV, mobile, music system etc. while you are eating or during the family dinner time. This helps you get quality time with your family, helps you eat better but also does not make you feel digitally deprived. Slowly, you can increase the span of digital detox period. The very seriously addicted person can start with as low a time as 30 minutes. Ideal goal to reach it is 24-72 hours at a stretch.

  • Pre-broadcast your Digital Detox

There is bound to be panic and warning bells going around if a digitally addicted person cannot be reached for even half an hour. Even in you, it will give rise to a fear of missing out on something vital. Pre-broadcasting your detox session will put every mind including you at ease. You can also set up a way in which you could be communicated in times of emergency.

  • Be Prepared for Withdrawal Symptoms

For all its worth, getting into digital detox is not an easy job. You will have continual itch and cravings to reach for your Smartphone, tab, laptop etc. It will also make you moody, angry depressed and all kinds of negative emotions initially. The tech gadgets may be out of sight but they will certainly not go out of mind. Be forgiving to yourself and accept it as a phase. The cravings will decrease gradually.

  • Get Help if Required

Seeking help from your friends, partner, family etc. is always a good idea. They would help you get back to entertaining yourself without the screen light. Spending fun time with them will make you miss the gadgets less. Gradually, you would start looking to these times. You can also start communicating in the good old-fashioned way of pen and paper. Meditation is another great item to get habituated to during this time. Get back to reading from hard papers. Before you know it, boredom will be a thing of past!!

  • Make it Count

Remember, the whole purpose of digital detox is to realize what you are missing and making your life richer by getting it back! Create time for socializing in person! Take a day trip or for a family weekend getaway! Do something that will forever remain imprinted on our memory and does not need the proof of a photograph!

Hope this was an enjoyable and enlightening for you to read as it was for us to write. Did you get started with the digital detox! What were your experiences and challenges with it! How did it leave you feeling! Do share your views in it with us!



All You Need to Know About Methadone Detox

Well, to begin with, let me ask you what you know about Methadone. What is Methadone? Is it a causer or a curer?  Is it safe or unsafe in your hands? If you cannot answer to these questions by yourself, let me help you find out with a series of information on this subject.

What is Methadone?

Methadone, also known as Dolophine is one of the opioid drugs which are used in detoxification of other opioids (narcotic) drugs mainly Heroin, Oxycontin, and Dilaudid. It is used pharmaceutical just to get rid of opioid drug dependence from which thousands of people suffer every day. Methadone is usually administered orally, very few times it is seen to be injected into veins. The effect can be both rapid as well as slow depending on the dosage you are following. It will take 5 days to show its effect at the most and will last for six hours after one dose. The history of its discovery dates back to the Second World War in between 1937 and 1939, in Germany. Methadone was first put in use for pain relief effects and since then it has been manufactured globally for its rapid and effective actions on pain and addiction of drugs. The interesting part is, Methadone itself being a drug is capable of cutting off the impact or dependence of other drugs in your life. However, this does not demarcate the information one should know about it.

Methadone Detox 1

Is Methadone a Curer or Causer?

The answer is none of the options given, it is simply a treatment; a treatment to save you from the grip of other opioid drugs whose effects and impact are huge in your life. The duration of this treatment varies from person to person and also from clinic to clinic. Depending on the amount of reduction it is causing you after one dose, the rest of the detox program is sorted. Methadone not only stabilizes you medically but also boosts your inner mental strength to improve your lifestyle without a bunch of addictive drugs. As earlier discussed, it also gives you a sigh of relief if you are suffering from chronic pain issues and you cannot make a difference in terms of results with any medication.

Methadone Detox
Methadone Detox

Is Methadone Safe or Unsafe in Your Hands?

Everything in this world is safe if used properly with proper guidance and everything can turn out to be unsafe too if you start abusing or misusing on a daily basis. Methadone is usually prescribed to a person after evaluating his or her body system strictly. The need of Methadone can be urgent to people who are only suffering from drug addiction (opiate) and cannot take control of their lives. It is absolutely safe in this case as you are under a  supervision. On the other hand, if Methadone is treated as a street drug and misused by a person who does not have the tolerance to take its effect, it is highly dangerous. A slight dose can cause a person death in this case. The dispense is hence very important here.

This is whole another segment where you will get to know what Methadone is doing to people in this course of treatment and how to get rid of such occurrence. As Methadone itself is a drug from the opioid family, during the treatment of detoxification or pain relief, people get intoxicated. This happens because over the time, people develop a certain tolerance against it and this keeps increasing day by day. Therefore, to get the effects, one has to increase the dosage per day and unwittingly people end up following whole another direction in this journey. So, to cut out the link of drugs from your life altogether, Methadone Detox came into play.

What is Detox from Methadone?

This is a bit complicated question and can be answered only through other topics which I am going to talk about now. Soon after you realize that you have been trapped by this powerful drug, you will notice a few withdrawal symptoms. This might be a little painful initially but don’t allow the short-term pain to be a part of your long-term painful life.

Methadone Detox or Withdrawal Symptoms May Include

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Over-sweating
  • Eyes tearing
  • Runny nose
  • Flu-like sensation
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Mood swings
  • Drug cravings
  • Depression
  • Diarrhoea
  • Severe pains and cramps
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations
  • Change in heartbeat rate
  • Trouble breathing
  • Seizures
  • Methadone Withdrawl Symptoms

The duration and the intensity of such symptoms may vary. Some of these might peak on the 3rd day. The withdrawal symptoms will get worse with time and may last up to a month or more depending on the addiction level. During this period of discomfort, you might feel of relapsing like most of the people. But in doing so, you kill the possibility of detoxing further. Therefore, you should remember to hold yourself firmly during this tough period and don’t  let yourself slip off the tunnel. Next, it is recommended not to deal with this situation alone, as this will only increase the risk of your life. Following is a list of schedules or protocols you may follow to Detox from Methadone.

Methadone Detox Protocols

# Set yourself for an Appointment with your Doctor: Team up with your doctor and start working on it. In doing this, you allow yourself to walk on the right path and that too with support which is very much needed for such kind of life situations. Consult your doctor about the symptoms you are going through and seek a medicinal or therapy based cure. Don’t be scared about the effects of medicines in this case, as this is a comfortable way to root this out is with the help of guided medication like Buprenorphine, Naloxone, etc.

# Methadone can be used to Detox from Methadone itself: Don’t be shocked or confused if your doctor asks you to take the very drug that caused you such symptoms. Methadone is very effective to reduce its own impact or effect on a person’s if taken sensibly with guidance and supervision. This works as this is a long-acting drug and the drug levels in your body gradually break down with shorter and shorter dosages. Again, dont be worried about the opiate drug worsening your scenario more. Follow your doctor and his/her every word.

# Emotional Boost is what you will need in Extra: Under such life risking situations, you will need a moral support above everything. If you lack motivation, 90% of your efforts in detoxing the drug will go in vain. So, you may talk to your friends or anyone you know who has suffered from the same and has overcome finally. This will build up a mental strength and boost you up even more. Don’t be around people who send negative vibes about this. Allow good vibes only.

# Take the help of The Detox Program of TCI: The Coleman Institute has come up with an amazing detox program of about 8 days which ensures that your body is free of opiates by the end of the 8th day. This works with the help of Accelerated Opiate Detox (AOD). This is one of the comfortable ways to detox from opioids that too within a short span of time with guaranteed cure. It generally takes 3 days for you to clean off the opioids with AOD but as this is a long-acting drug and may not be removed at once, they make sure you are completely free from the addiction by using the 8-day Detox Program. For more details, check these websites out:

# Novus Medical Detox Center: This Centre has a similar kind of detox program arranged for you. This is another safe method of detoxing high dose of Methadone with the guidance of National Experts with minimal discomfort.

# Detox Cold Turkey: This is going to be a painful and tedious process so you need to take this step under a good supervision. You need to remember that initially things are bound to be worse because this is rapid withdrawal or detox process without any tapering dose or anything. In Detox centers or any other clinic, you will be asked to taper the dose so that the detoxification occurs step by step but going cold turkey is not at all of such kind. Besides, you have to be patient enough throughout the process because Methadone might stay in your body even after two weeks. Unless you are fully satisfied with the results, don’t give up.

# Choose Qigong: It is a kind of ancient Chinese exercise which is undoubtedly and surprisingly more effective than any other withdrawal medications. It basically deals with your mind and soul connection. It is very similar to Tai Chi and involves activities like deep breathing, concentration, meditation and meditation moves. It enables you to practice stillness of mind. It has been proven that Qigong is more effective than any withdrawal medicines by examining a bunch of male addicts in China.

# Use Opioid Agonist: You should start taking Kratom as soon as you become detached from Methadone. Kratom is a plant whose origin is same as the coffee. It is one of the most powerful opioid agonists. Using this will help you considerably to overcome the drug cravings and the withdrawal symptoms as well. Take 10 gms of Kratom dust every day in the morning in a glass of grapefruit juice. Replacing water with fruit juices, in this case, is highly beneficial and helps Kratom to work better. Discontinue this after 2 weeks maximum as this can be addictive.

# Get started with Opiate Withdrawal Supplements: This step is exclusively for people who have started tapering the dose of Methadone intake. While you have begun to learn how to come off Methadone, start taking an opiate withdrawal supplement. This will enhance your mood and energy, soothe your anxious level, restore your sleep, etc. You may check the following websites for reference.

# Exercise on a Daily Basis: By doing this, you do help yourself with a lot of things. An outlet to the negative energy inside you is necessary. By exercising you get rid of that negative vibe and not only just this, exercising will help you boost our confidence and reduce you emotional and physical pain. This will also rebuild your physique and help you to get rid of anxiety, depression, etc. You will feel relaxed above everything.

# Prepare a Morning Tonic: It is important for you to maintain a proper schedule of detoxing and to categorize your detoxing plans according to when to use. As soon as you rise up in the morning, prepare a morning tonic for Methadone Detox by using the following ingredients.

– 4 or 5 ounces of water

– 2 full droppers of Shen Nong’s Ginseng (a kind of root that adapts your body to mental stress)

– 3 full droppers of Raw Reishi (a kind of mushroom which acts as a mood booster)

– 1 tablespoon of Maca juice (Maca root is beneficial for body balance)

Stir this well and drink early in the morning.

# Build up Your Endorphins: Design your diet chart in a way so that the net intake of protein is 25-30 gms in each meal. If you eat the mentioned amount of proteins thrice a day, your brain will automatically release endorphins (a group of hormones causing analgesic effect). So, try eating fish, turkey, chicken of high-quality protein. Eat as much organic food substances you can, plenty of veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water (3 liters). You can also build up your endorphin level by exercising regularly.

During the stages of withdrawal symptoms and cure, craving is something, which will be a part of your journey. Don’t be impatient about it. Act wisely and focus on the long term effects only rather than the short term pleasure and desire.

Here are a few  Tips to control your Drug Cravings:

  • Learn the consequences from someone or Internet, this will reduce the craving in no time.
  • Divert your mind whenever the craving strikes.
  • Control your senses and don’t let them control you.

These are the protocols you can implement shortly for your betterment. Make sure to make a schedule and strictly abide by it till you see any changes. For more confidence, go and talk to your doctor about this. Before choosing the right protocol, seek his/her permission so that you gain some mental support. Keep your patience and efforts up and embrace a good and healthy life like before.

**Note: Consult a doctor before you follow any of the tips.

8 Summer Cool Recipes And Benefits Of Lemon Water Detox

Whenever you’re asked to drink gallons of water every day for different health benefits, by the end of the attempt don’t you get holy tired of drinking that same tasteless liquid time and again? Considering the benefits and wonders water does to your body, it should be neglected that it is plain liquid or anything. You think of anything that is simple, available everywhere and can succor you during your illness, water is what comes to your mind right? But in order to give yourself a better treatment, you may find another variant of water which is Lemon Water. This does not make much difference apparently but rejuvenates your health in a hugely different way and tastes tangy. The term lemon water immediately makes you feel revitalized and prompts your energy system or mood to get boosted up. Lemon Water or the Master Cleanse” indeed helps you revitalize your system because of the abundance of Vitamin C in it which acts like a miracle in flushing out toxins from your body. Some of the benefits like renewing skin health, clearing digestive system as well as liver, maintaining body pH balance can be achieved with the help of Lemon Water Detox. Now, let’s discuss the diverse lemon water recipes which you can make at home and their respective benefits in details.

DetoxDiet101 guides you through the top 8 Lemon Water Recipes which you can memorize pretty easily and will be your occult aid for detoxification naturally.

1. Get Your Lemon & Lime Detox Water

This is the most popular detox homemade drink for people around the world. It stimulates bile secretion in your system which is highly significant in respect of detoxification. Bile secretion allows you to break down the junk or fat and lipids in your body quite easily. You can make this drink within just a few seconds. Take two cups of fresh water and add the lemon/lime juice extracted from one lemon or lime. Drink this early in the morning.


Lemons or limes have this unique quality of regulating your digestive tract smoothly and therefore helps you get rid of those late night heartburns, gastric issues, constipation; it practically ends all your bowel problems. It contains pectin, a dietary fiber which slows down your food speed and breaks them down promoting a proper digestion. It also boosts your immune system and charges your energy level up due to the Vitamin C.


2. Cool It With Cucumber Lemon Water Detox

Cucumber, as you know, is mostly made up of water and this is a perfect refreshing detox drink to bring the cool back to you. Cucumber is one of the common fruits which is often underestimated but don’t fool yourself by going with the simplicity of this cylindrical fruit. When cucumber juice is mixed with lemon juice (2:1), it becomes a great homemade detox drink because of the high amounts of Vitamins B and C.


Cucumber has Fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonol which helps your brain health and this fruit is also capable of fighting against cancer. On the other hand, lemons are well-known fighter of any Vitamin C deficiency diseases. Hence this detox water is capable of fighting scurvy, gum issues, eye ailments, cardiac diseases, etc. It also increases your metabolic rate within a short time period.

3. Wake Up To Honey Lemon Detox Water

This drink is globally known and used for its magical power of preventing illness and curing as well. It is usually made with warm water which gives your body system a warm relaxing sensation. For this preparation, mix a half of fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of raw honey to it. Make sure that the water temperature is hot enough to melt the honey. Drink this regularly in the morning before having anything and watch the results.


If you start taking this on a regular basis, you will practically stop wasting money on spas or beauty clinics. This is because the major skin lightening ingredients are present in your drink. Not only this, Honey Lemon Detox Water boosts your metabolism and removes any kinds of digestion and immunity disorders right away. You can say no to those tough gym hours. This infused drink is perfect for you to lose weight naturally. Also, this helps you detox your liver considerably and takes care of intestinal infections in addition.

Honey Lemon Detox Water
Honey Lemon Detox Water

4. Prepare The Trio Detox Water

Lemon, Mint, and Cucumber have various detoxing functions in your body individually. Imagine of clubbing them together for the ultimate detox drink you can get for yourself at home! This infused water recipe is going to be your favorite recipe this summer. Make the Cucumber Lemon Water at first by following the instruction given above, after that, put 6-8 mint leaves to it. You can put a few ice cubes and enjoy it on hot summer evenings.


The benefits of Cucumber and Lemon in promoting a good health is beyond studies. Both the ingredients are familiar with skin health and system coordination. Cucumber has a high level of Pantothenic Acid which is of great use for treating different skin problems. On the other hand, Lemon acts like a magnet to flush out chemicals and toxins from your body. With these, adding mint is like a cherry on the cake. It aids your stomach ailments in no time and prevents them from developing in future.

5. It’s Time For Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

These two are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and combining these for your sweet-tangy-relaxing detox drink is a brilliant choice. Raspberries are highly beneficial for your health as they contain nutrients like potassium, magnesium, fiber, iron, also a great source of Vitamins A and K. For making this amazing detox drink, all you need to do is, get some organic raspberries, peels of lemon (sliced) and a lot of basil leaves. Put them together in a jug and refrigerate it for at least 2 hrs. You can drink it after refrigeration.


This is the best detox drink for cleansing your body toxins effectively. This will undoubtedly push your health to prosper with time because of the presence of Riboflavin, Folate, Copper, Niacin, etc. Drinking this is very useful for people suffering from fungal or microbial problems. Raspberries have Anthocyanin which is responsible for its antibacterial or antifungal properties. It also provides help acting like an antioxidant.

6. Tag Strawberry Lemonade As Your Detox Drink

Strawberry Lemonade can be made with a few easy steps. At first, take 1 c of filtered water in a jug or mason jar, add 1/2 c of lemon juice to it and finally 1/2 c of strawberry juice or strawberries. Mix it well and keep it in your cooler for 2 hrs or you may add crushed ice for immediate drinking. If you use strawberries instead of the juice, it is recommended to refrigerate it so that the strawberries get infused properly.


Drinking this detox water has been proven to be of massive help. People have improved their heart health in a short span of time, this has also benefitted them in controlling blood sugar level. As strawberries are filled with Vitamins and Polyphenols (Antioxidants), it is needless to mention their effect in detoxing heavy toxins from your body. Studies have shown that approximately 8 strawberries have a higher amount of Vitamin C than an orange.

7. How About Detox With Blueberry and Lemon

This drink is what you are missing out if haven’t tried yet for a perfect soothing evening. The recipe is as simple as ever; you just put all the ingredients together in a pitcher and that is all. The refreshment this drink causes is much more than what I can describe so hurry up and give it a try. Get 1 gallon of water in a pitcher, put 8 oz blackberries and 2 lemons preferably (sliced). Refrigerate for 2 hours and serve.


Benefits of blueberries are famous nowadays as they contain Vitamin B6 and C in a huge quantity. They also contain folate and potassium which are needed and demanded in a human’s health. They help in lowering blood sugar level as well as blood pressure, reduces the chances of having any cardiac disorders and also reduces the cholesterol level in blood. Lemon adds to the refreshment and detoxification too. Its rich content of Vitamins and mineral nutrients cleanse your body directly.

8. Pair Ginger With Lemon For Your Detox Drink

This detox water recipe has saved millions of people suffering from obesity and metabolic problems for years. The drink is absolutely easy to make at home with the two mentioned ingredients and is capable of curing you of the root of the problem. So for making this drink, you will need a small ginger root about an inch or so (peeled and cut into wedges), 1 litre of water, and a sliced lemon. In a mason jar or pitcher, put the ingredients together in water and let it freeze for the whole night. Drink this healthy detox water in the morning.


The benefits of ginger are manifold. From curing migraines, metabolic disorders, digestive issues to reducing menstrual cramps, it does all. It is effective in banishing heart burns and morning sickness too. When paired with lemon, it acts as a great tonic for reducing obesity and unwanted fats. Drink this for 4 weeks and get rid of your bulging stomach.

Lemon Ginger Detox Water
Lemon Ginger Detox Water

Apart from these surprising benefits of Lemon Water Detox, let’s learn the possible side-effects too. Remember overdosing will cause you these.

Side Effects Of Lemon Water Detox That You May Bump Into

  • Erosion of teeth (enamel).
  • Kidney disorders.
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder causing vomiting and nausea.
  • Dehydration due to frequent urination.
  • Stomach pain and ulcers.
  • Burning sensation in the chest and severe pain.

Any of these 8 Infused Water Recipes Or Detox Water Recipes can be one beneficial habit in your life if you train yourself and your system to intake the same regularly. These tricks are simple yet effective as anything. Hence, instead of only wasting hours in gym or spa to get a body like you want to, invest a few minutes in making and drinking these magical potions to beautify yourself internally.



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