Is Eating Activated Charcoal Good for Detox

So what is this Detox? Detoxing is a process of purifying or cleansing the body and improvising the body organs. Naturally, this task is performed by our liver.

Though the human body tends to work and detoxify itself consistently in a natural way, people these days have found a new method of detoxifying by taking activated charcoal in their diet. Just as we clean our body from the outside, our body, face, teeth, hair, it is equally important to detox the body from the inside as well.

Activated Charcoal Detox

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This process helps to reduce toxins and wasteful remains and also built up a better immune system.

So let’s understand what is charcoal detox and what makes it activated? It is processed and exhibited to specific gasses at very high heats. It’s used as a detoxifying agent. It is not the charcoal you use in barbecues; it is a different thing, more like a medication which is expensive and not so easily available but completely safe to take once you make sure you are not already on medication.

The activated charcoal has four times the absorption power and has an extraordinary strength to drag toxin from the body. The coal’s primary absorption power is on the surface of it; there are tiny pores which trap the poison and helps in the cleaning process.
Created by burning all-natural, non-toxic woods, it works gently on the system if taken in the right amount and proper diet. The activated charcoal is available in tablets or powder, you can use tablets or powder in the form of shakes or different types of drinks.

There are many food outlets nowadays that sell charcoal shakes and drinks in their beverage menu, or even you can make it yourself at home in whichever flavor you wish. There are certain rules that should be followed before drinking the shakes, juices or simple homemade charcoal drink or indeed its pills and tablets.

One has to be empty stomach before drinking or taking a charcoal capsule, only two-three hours later you can eat or drink something. The main idea behind the charcoal detox is to purify the body from the inside and as it’s clear, once you drink it, it needs time to cleanse the body.

Eating or drinking right after the intake of activated charcoal can discontinue or delay the healthy healing process, which nobody wants to hamper the cleaning activity. Right after you take the activated charcoal, rest for a while, let the magic powder or capsule do its job and feel the process of purification within your body, mostly on your small and large intestine.

People suffering from reoccurring gastrointestinal problem must take a simple yet effective activated charcoal shake twice every week and surely they will notice the immediate change in the problem.

Mostly, you should make the drink freshly in the morning and drink it immediately without any lag.

Morning is the best time to take healthy drinks, as it helps unwanted bacteria to pass through your system quicker before they scatter and increase and helps you feel better faster. Every time you drink this healthy detoxing drink it will provide you with a tranquilizing effect on your body and also decreases the risk of high blood pressure.

Covering the topic of blood pressure, you also might want to know that detoxing activity using activated charcoal further helps to reduce cholesterol problem. You can read in detail Benefits of activated Charcoal here.

Normally, such drinks are becoming very popular in the youth, it should be given more importance by the senior or elderly people as well. The activated charcoal powder are more easily available and cheaper than the capsules or tablets. Though both works the same way and efficiently people rather go for powdered charcoal and use it almost every day.

The activated charcoal is only used for detoxifying the body and not for any other purpose, though it is also taken in emergencies where someone took poison or in the hospitals to give to the patients when required. Eating charcoal is always the best and most opted option for detoxing.

A healthy life doesn’t need to wait, especially when your primary goal is to kill the toxic agents that sap your health. There are certain times when a person thinks way too much about something and ends up doing nothing about it in real.

The cleaning method of activated charcoal might seem a little different to you but once you try, it will be worth it. The activated charcoals are prepared at home freshly by some people or also can be found at the different drug store.

If you are trying charcoal detox for the first time, try the powdered activated charcoal, not the capsule and drink it in the morning right after your jogging, yoga, exercise or daily gym workout. You will surely, would appreciate the end results that you will see in your body.

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