20 Best Christmas Casserole Recipes That You'll Love!

20 Best Christmas Casserole Recipes That You’ll Love!

Christmas is around and I have already started thinking about the feast I’m going to surprise my family and friends with. Avoid last-minute cooking ideas with these easy-to-make delicious Christmas casserole recipes.

Whether it’s a holiday or you are in vacation mode, celebrating an occasion means cooking wholeheartedly and serving your friends and family something new and rich in taste.

Casserole dishes are full of vegetables, meat, and luscious sauces that surely cater to all of our cravings. All these dishes can be prepared as per the taste buds of all continents’ people and are not limited to particular weather as well.

And what can be better, if we have recipes that are healthy, quick to make, low-carb, keto-friendly, or vegan, and delicious as well?

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We have curated a list of some really lip-smacking Christmas casserole recipes that will give you some great options to choose from.

These dishes are really easy, quick, flavourful, juicy, and healthy that will surely make your heart flutter and your Christmas celebrations thoughtful and delicious.

Also, many of them can be prepared ahead of time giving you peace and freedom from last-minute preps.


1. Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

christmas breakfast casserole recipes
Christmas breakfast casserole recipes

Christmas morning is always so special and preparing a special breakfast casserole for the family is always a delicious idea!! What better than a sweet dish to savor the delicious cheese and blueberries?

The name itself made me hungry and wonder about the recipe of this casserole dish. The fresh blueberry is the main ingredient that will make this dish dominate your evenings.

You can replace the blueberry with other seasonal fruits as well like strawberries. The combination of blueberries with cheese is just irresistible and as it slowly melts in your mouth it brings out a refreshing fusion taste.

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The sweet taste of cream is countered by the sour and sweet blueberries which make this dish perfectly balanced. So let’s make this dessert and your celebrations more creamy and lovable.

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2. Cheesy Chicken Fajita Casserole (Dinner Recipe)

christmas casserole brunch recipes
Christmas casserole brunch recipes

Pleasingly rich in taste this casserole version never fails to make me feel more delightful and hungry as I go ahead with its prep. Textured and meaty chicken with colorful bell peppers makes it more appealing and succulent.

The seasoned chicken breast makes this dish stand out from all your traditional eve preparations and makes a healthy weeknight dinner.

Also, the amount of cheese can always be adjusted as per your carb intake. And breadcrumbs can also be used to make it more delectable.

Most importantly the pinch of fajita seasoning added here gives it that personal customized touch that this Christmas will be memorable, flavourful, and favorable for you and your family.


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3. Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipe (Low-Carb Keto Recipe)

christmas eve dinner casserole recipes
christmas eve dinner casserole recipes

Turkey casserole is a great way to use up some leftover turkey and vegetables. If you don’t have leftover turkey portions, then you can also use chicken. Make this keto-friendly and juicy dish in a large pot and cook the meat and vegetables together.

Top it up with Keto white sauce and cheese to give it the right flavor. The recipe is made on a stovetop and then baked in the oven for cream and cheese to melt.

A tasty, healthy, and ideal dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

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4. Italian Sausage, Spinach, And Ricotta Stuffed Shells

christmas casserole recipe
Christmas casserole recipe

This casserole dish is just fine to give an Italian touch to your Christmas preparation. These soft and creamy ricotta stuffed shells will melt so smoothly in your mouth making you feel heavenly.

Giving you that fine taste of Italian sausage this juicy dish is so wholesome and delicious. Though time taking, it brings out the best amalgamation and taste of tomatoes, pasta, sausage, and cheese.

Fresh red tomatoes give it juicy touch and combined with different sauces make it flavourful. Also, it can be assembled earlier and then refrigerated to bake it later. You can add sauces here as per your taste buds.

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5. Breakfast Casserole With Spinach And Feta

recipe for christmas breakfast casserole
recipe for Christmas breakfast casserole

This green casserole spinach dish is delightful and healthy as well. If you are thinking to make something nourishing this Christmas eve then nothing can be as luscious and rich then this dish.

It can be the freshly cooked morning breakfast as vegetables with sausage and cheese makes it colorful and juicy.

Also, spinach and egg with sausage give this dish that chewy and meaty taste and bring out a completely different version of casserole. Before cooking this delicacy I never knew that casseroles can be nutritious too.

So let’s make your Christmas morning more delightful by cooking this tasty and delicious side dish to enjoy on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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6. Cranberry Sweet Potato Casserole

vegetarian christmas casserole recipes
vegetarian Christmas casserole recipes

Full of cranberry, sweet potato, pecan, and pomegranate this dish is the best Christmas entree casserole. It is best to start a power-packed day. christmas entree casseroles

Adding a touch of cranberries to sweet potatoes has always been the best idea to cook a perfect and different dish.

With the sweet and tangy flavors of orange, cranberry, and cinnamon sugar it is a perfect punch for your lazy times. This vegetarian Christmas casserole recipe is surely a treat to family and friends.

Believe me, it’s not your traditional dish but it is surely gonna make you remember your beautiful childhood memories.

This casserole cuisine is balanced with different flavors and brings out the best mix of these seasonal veggies and fruits. Come and check out this amazingly delicious recipe here.


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7. Cheesy Sausage and Potatoes Recipe (Sausage Breakfast Casserole)

easy christmas casserole recipes
easy Christmas casserole recipes

An easy breakfast recipe is here to cater to your egg cravings. This is super easy and fun to cook. It’s perfect for vacation mornings and makes your stomach full in no time.

Just a few ingredients added with love and it’s ready. Also, a combination of potatoes and sausage is a real heart winner.

You can serve it as a side dish or have it as a complete meal. Crumbling the sausage allows you to have smaller bites at a time while enjoying the dish to its best.

And adding parsley for garnishing and that little lovely touch makes this casserole dish my personal favorite.

So come have a look at its recipe to celebrate Christmas days.

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8. Cheesy Ham And Egg Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

christmas casserole breakfast recipes
Christmas casserole breakfast recipes

An impressive and easy recipe is on board here, especially for you guys. You can use homemade or store-bought biscuits to make a quick and mouth-watering dish for your guests.

Also, it can be stored and frozen for a period of time and can be quickly baked later. This casserole dish can also be served at brunch time as biscuits give you that crispy taste while ham serves your small hunger needs.

You can also serve this dish at dinner or lunch, with your favorite drink. The different layers of ham and biscuit make it look wholesome and juicy as well.

So let’s prepare it fast and surprise your guests with something different this Christmas.  This easy-to-make dish is so delicious and tasty to celebrate any holiday dinner or any meal.

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9. Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole With Pecan Crumble 

christmas casserole recipes
Christmas casserole recipes

Do you love sweet potatoes? We all have that one member in our family and sometimes more who just loves to have sweet potatoes all the time.

This casserole dish will satiate your appetite and the cravings of your little one. It is creamy, perfectly spiced up and when topped with sweet and salty pecan it brings that amazingly rich flavor to your mouth.

Sweet potatoes can be peeled a day earlier saving your time. And all the sweet taste of this dish is perfectly countered by the salty-sweet topping. So let’s dig into the recipe here.

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10. Creamy Broccoli And Bacon Casserole

christmas casserole recipes dinner
Christmas casserole recipes dinner

Super nutritious and beneficial for your health broccoli is one best superfood. This green veggie is so nutrient-rich that it keeps you healthy by reducing inflammation and helping in blood sugar control.

It also boosts immunity and promotes heart health. Then why not make this Christmas eve healthy and super special by serving this delicious dish to your loved ones?

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This rich, creamy and cheesy broccoli can be served well with roasted and seasoned bread. I’m very sure that it will make your eve memorable and impressive.

So let’s check out this green recipe here.

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11. Pineapple Casserole

best christmas casserole recipes
best Christmas casserole recipes

Adding a touch of fruits to dishes is my personal favorite. And this casserole dish has actually won the hearts of many of my guests.

They keep asking me about its recipe so here I’m sharing it with you. It just takes 5 minutes for the prep and baking it then is really easy.

It has a different taste and not just the regular one. You can also serve roasted sweet potatoes as a side dish to it which sets well with their sweet and salty taste.

And ritz crackers are so crispy and thin-shaped that they give this casserole dish an irresistible crunch. Your little ones are surely gonna love this dish. So what are you waiting for, let’s have a quick look at its recipe

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12. Chicken Parmesan Casserole

christmas casseroles recipes
Christmas casseroles recipes

Can you already feel the taste of creamy chicken and parmesan in your mouth? If not yet, this quick and delicious recipe will surely do that very soon. An amalgamation of pasta, sauces, cheese, and juicy chicken this dish is definitely the mouth-watering one.

This dish is actually gonna give that touch of a feast to your traditions. Also, you can prepare it 2 days ahead of your occasion and feel free to enjoy those festive moments.

And the leftover breaded chicken which you are wondering about can be put to use here. So let’s dig in guys. Check out the recipe here.

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13. Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

christmas morning casserole recipes
Christmas morning casserole recipes

Hash browns are basically chopped, grated, and fried potatoes. This golden, crispy, and crazy dish is perfect for your brunch meals and can also be served as a side dish with lunch or dinner.

Just hash browns with cheddar cheese and a few spices are really easy to bake and quick to prepare.

Your kids will love this delicious and super simple recipe. Having it on just occasions makes me crave it more and more as I can eat it all the time.

You can save this recipe for your Christmas tradition and enjoy it with some freshly made juices. So let’s check out its recipe here in this quick link.

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14. Sweet Potato Casserole

christmas casserole recipes main dish
Christmas casserole recipes main dish

Sweet potato casserole is a sweet, crispy, and popular appetizing Christmas casserole dish.

It fits well for your lunch or dinner meals. As it is topped with sweet and salty pecan it’s a must-have for occasions and celebrations.

This perfect combination of sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and chunks of pecan will make your guests delightful.

My family can have it even when we are completely full. Even I crave it now and then. So without wasting any moment let’s dig into its lip-smacking recipe.

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15. Make Ahead Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

Make Ahead Christmas Casserole Recipes
Make Ahead Christmas Casserole Recipes

Casserole dishes are always so wholesome that they don’t need any other side dish to complete them. And when it includes potato then definitely nothing else is required.

Having potato casserole is soothing in itself. And this dish is so tasteful and flavourful that you will not look at any other recipe.

It caters to your low-carb needs and is utterly delicious for vegetarians if you minus the bacon from the recipe.

You can also add a touch of sauces to this dish and can always garnish it with them as per your taste buds.


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16. Corn Casserole Recipe

taste of home christmas casseroles
taste of home Christmas casseroles

Who doesn’t love corn? Fresh tender corns are so juicy that every bite gives the feeling of completeness. This home-cooked Casserole dish can also be served as a side dish anytime making your efforts look complete and worthy.

It’s very simple and versatile in nature. As you have to just mix all the ingredients and bake them properly this dish really takes off the worries of long, time taking preparations.

So let’s check out the recipe here to make your Christmas delicious and memorable.

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17. Homemade Mac and Cheese Casserole

recipe for christmas casserole
recipe for Christmas casserole

Whether you want to serve it as a main dish or as a side on Christmas, you really can’t go wrong with this deliciously baked mac and cheese casserole pot. This is one of the most delicious and popular dishes amongst kids and adults alike.

Easy to make, really quick to cook, and the cheese and cream flavors are simply lip-smacking. So who’s gonna try the recipe this holiday?

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18. Easy Breakfast Egg Casserole

Favorite Christmas Breakfast Casserole
Favorite Christmas Breakfast Casserole

If you’re looking for Christmas casseroles that freeze well, then this is the perfect dish to make ahead and freeze.

This easy-to-make and hearty breakfast dish is a family favorite and is perfect for morning breakfast or brunch.

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19. Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole

Christmas Casserole Bake Recipes
Christmas Casserole Bake Recipes

The green bean instant pot casserole recipe has long been a much-loved Thanksgiving side dish and holiday casserole.

Green beans are definitely one of my favorites. So nutritious and healthy this casserole dish will serve your low-carb demand perfectly. It is easy to make and quick to satiate your hunger.

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You can also garnish it with crispy fried onions to make it look beautiful while adding to the taste wonderfully.

So let’s find out more about this easy recipe which serves as a delicious side dish for dinner.

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20. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

christmas casseroles that freeze well
Christmas casseroles that freeze well

When it comes to casseroles, it doesn’t get much more reliable than chicken and rice. An all-time crowd pleaser, this recipe is healthy and delicious and great for dinners.

Perfect for a Christmas crowd, this recipe adds the nutrition of broccoli also and feels a little bit dressier than you’re everyday chicken and rice combo.

Make it for special occasions or simply enjoy it for everyday dinner!

Get The Recipe Here

Hope you all loved these recipes. These are specially curated to make your festive celebrations a healthy and delicious ones.

And Christmas is no longer far guys so why not try something new this time? Let’s make this Thanksgiving and Christmas super special by cooking these heartfelt dishes.

Time to celebrate your holidays with love, warmth, and uniquely rich flavors and enjoy great dishes with friends and family.

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