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10 Natural Tips to Detox Your Body From Drugs Fast

If you are addicted to drugs like painkillers, morphine, opium or other opiates, then you should immediately start a drug detox program. You may be in stormy times now but all storms eventually pass.  Drugs are composed of synthetic chemicals that are supposed to be filtered by your liver, kidneys and other detox organs. We have listed some natural ways to detox your body from the effects of drugs if you don’t want to go for prescription drugs anymore. This way, your body will be able to “reboot” and be ready to receive and process healthier nutrition and respond to a more natural cleansing.

Drugs also drain the vital nutrients essential for the process of detoxification. Basically, what they do is increase your body’s toxic burden and reduce the ability of the body to do away with them. Our body has its own ways to do away with toxins but the toxins found in our modern world may overburden it.  So, come let’s see how you can flush out drugs from your body and how you can naturally detox your body from drugs.


The first step of detoxification is to stop yourself from taking drugs. You have to understand your own well-being and stop the intake of drugs immediately to clean your body from drugs.

The obvious remedy is to stop drinking and/or doing drugs. Once you get rid of the habit and stop feeding your body with alcohol/drugs, you will start to see and feel the change.

This will allow your body to heal and your system will start shedding the long accumulated toxins. The sooner you quit, the faster you’ll get healthy.

Detox Your Body From Drugs
Say no to drugs


The first and foremost thing after elimination would be rehydrating your body. When your body is dehydrated you experience all sorts of unpleasant side effects, such as muscle pain, headaches,  and fatigue.

Water acts as a natural detoxifier and helps you get rid of unwanted chemicals, fat, and other toxins. Drink lots of water and by that, I do not mean in a single go but at regular intervals.

The more water you drink, the more you end up flushing out toxins and chemicals from your body. Minimally, everyone should be drinking 64 oz of water daily. Those looking to detox should be consuming between 80 oz and 100 oz.

To stay more hydrated you can make healthy smoothies – they are delicious and healthy. Your increased fluid intake will lead to more urination which will in turn speed up the detoxification process. Green juices have chlorophyll in them which is incredibly effective in detoxification of your body.

Detox Your Body From Drugs
Detox Your Body From Drugs


To clean your system of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) you definitely need to change your dietary habits and switch to a high-fiber diet. Start eating lots of fruits, protein, and consume raw vegetables but only those which can be eaten raw.

Carrots, broccoli, citrus, avocado, oranges, and leafy greens are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals essential for your body.

Have green tea in the morning. Some other forms of tea which naturally detox the body of drugs are cinnamon tea, ginger tea, and turmeric tea. Avoid coffee completely.

Drug Detox
Drug Detox


Here I am listing the name of few fruits that remove drugs from your system very fast:

  1. Lemon, which contains Vitamin C, flushes toxin out of your body.
  2. Watermelon contains citrulline which helps the liver to detoxify.
  3. Berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – Berries are a rich source of antioxidants, which help fight disease and free radicals in your body. Blueberries are natural toxic cleansers. Cranberries give a nice detox punch.
  4. Pomegranate gives you a serious antioxidant boost.
  5. Apples highly contain pectin which helps eliminate toxic build-up.
  6. Avocados are packed with antioxidants and even lower cholesterol. Fish, Almonds, and Avocados are rich in Omega 3 fats which makes you feel fuller.
  7. Grapefruit is a very good intestinal and liver detoxifier.
  8. Yogurt – Probiotics in yogurt keep your gut and digestive tracts healthy and clean.
  9. Chia seeds, cilantro, parsley, and lemon – Leech on to impurities in your intestines and help dispose of them.
  10. Green leafy veggies: kale, romaine, wheatgrass, seaweed, etc. – Great source of fiber to flush out your body and anti-oxidants to boost your immune system.

Drug Detox Naturally


The benefits of exercising daily are unparalleled, it improves pretty much everything that you can think of. If you are not already into it, it is probably the most powerful step you can take towards detoxification.

When you exercise your heart rate increases and causes your body to sweat, which releases the unhealthy toxins through your pores of the skin. Whether you choose to do this by running, biking, hot yoga, or any other exercise, it will not only help you detox, but it will also produce endorphins in your brain that will keep you in good spirits through this difficult process.

  1. Go on walks: You don’t have to spend hours but walk briskly for half an hour every day and you will be able to see the result for yourself. You simply need to put on your shoes and walk out the front door.
  2. Do 20 pushups. Don’t stress, just get stronger.
  3. Do 20 crunches.

Repeat this every day. Everyone cannot do cardio in the gym but you don’t even need to. You can just repeat the above-mentioned process and get good results.

Exercise Drug Detox


Put a mini-meditation and yoga practice into your daily routine. Rise with the Sun and you will generally feel uplifted. There are several yoga poses that help in detoxification.  And as for meditation, set a timer for the period you want to sit and decide where you want to sit, whether a cushion or a chair. Once you are settled, just breathe. In and out.


Say a big no to these foods and resist your temptation. The best way to do this is to change your diet. You need to cut down on sugars and bad fats, which are just one of the major challenges for your body to deal with on its journey towards healing. Also, avoid processed and refined foods, as they are unnatural, have little nutrient value, and are hard for your body to digest. This means limiting food that comes in boxes, cans, jars, etc.

You should try and avoid,

  • Fatty red meat
  • Canned foods
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Artificial Drinks
  • Processed and refined foods, canned food, etc


Remove all the negative energy from your life and you will automatically feel bright-eyed, clear-headed and energetic. If you are unhappy with who you are, it’s very difficult to be happy. So love yourself first.

Quick Tips For Easy and Quick Detoxification from Drugs

  1. Say No to Nicotine and Caffeine –  Stay away from coffee and cigarettes. Not only are they harmful toxins in themselves, but they can also be addiction triggers, possibly causing you to relapse.
  2. Get Quality Sleep – Most of us are sleep-deprived. Ideally, you should be getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night to keep your body in peak health and to reduce stress.
  3. Get Regular Body Massages -. This is another great stress-reducer and can aid in the release of toxins from your body.

After you follow all that is mentioned above you will feel energetic than ever before. All the drugs will be flushed from your system and you will feel the difference.



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