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How To Do a Sugar Detox | Diet, Tips, Benefits and Side Effects

Are you one of those people who cannot resist while passing by a candy, beverage or pastry shop? Are you only thinking about putting sugar cubes off your diet chart but cannot really put that in action? If you are, I have some jarring information to disclose before you. Sugar craving is the sole reason for those lumpy fats in your body.

You can call sugar in other words as fat itself. You cannot deny that you have started working on your diet plan if you haven’t put that cupcake down yet. Consuming pounds of sugar unnoticeably might not be a big deal for many people who are working all fine now but a few years down the line, they will certainly regret such practices because of the unrelatable consequences which I am going to discuss later.

Studies have shown that your brain acts in a similar way about sugar as it does about other drugs too. Due to this reason, initially, you will be feeling low on your way to reducing this practice but don’t worry it is worth it. This is purely a hormonal disorder and in order to make a change here, you have to start being biologically correct. For that, Sugar Detox is what you need.

What is Sugar Detox?

Cutting off the intake of sugar in any form is known as Sugar Detoxing and the plan required or made to do so is called Sugar Detox Plan.

By doing this, you can actually remove the roadblock on your way of getting a healthy body system. I will be talking about a few areas of this topic and will provide some detox tips which will hopefully benefit you.

How to do a Sugar Detox
How to do a Sugar Detox

What to Eat on Sugar Detox?

  1. Let’s start with breakfast. If you are a cereal or oatmeal fan, this should be good news for you. You can prepare yourself an oatmeal or wheat cereals breakfast to start the day with. Remember, adding extra sugar is a big no-no, to serve the same purpose you may use fruits. Make sure the oatmeal or cereals are sugar-free absolutely.
  2. For your midday meal, add tofu, fish or chicken to your meal according to your preference. You can warm up your body with some veggies as well.
  3. Try out some low-calorie snacks for your afternoon and evening meal course, such as whole grains, soup or a healthy drink.
  4. For dinner, fill yourself with a cup of pasta, couscous, or whole-wheat carbs. If you are presently having some sweet delights at night as desserts. Cut it off!

Apart from this, the following is the list of foods that you can try out while on a Sugar Detox Program.

  1. Herbs
  2. Butter
  3. Dried nuts and fruits
  4. Yams
  5. Legumes
  6. Seafood, etc.
  7. Power Up your day with protein. Protein, protein, protein at every meal — especially breakfast — is the key to balancing blood sugar and insulin and cutting cravings. Start the day with whole farm eggs or a protein shake. I recommend my Whole Food Protein Shake. Use nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, chicken or grass-fed meat for protein at every meal. A serving size is 4-6 ounces or the size of your palm.

I hope you got a Sugar Detox Menu ready on your mind by now. After this, let’s move on to the Best Sugar Detox Plans which you can apply in your life for some betterment in this respect. The common feature of the plans listed below is that they cleanse your body naturally and remove the harmful substance that does nothing good to your health.

Sugar detox for sugar addiction
Sugar detox for sugar addiction

10 Day Sugar Detox Diet

An approach for making you understand that food is way more than just kilograms of calories. This can be an easy and quick tool for those of you who are dying to reduce some weights but cannot see any results even after maintaining a proper diet chart. Have you ever thought of a book full of delicious recipes that were designed for people who are struggling to lose pounds every day? Well, you just got it here.

10 Day Detox Diet is a guide for losing weight and the ultimate roadmap to a healthy renewed life. It is also a solution to decrease your blood sugar level effectively and within a short span of time through a scientifically proven yet tasty diet routine.  This guide enables you to rethink your approach to food and recreate your lifestyle in a more healthy way. By following this guidebook, you will get to know the brighter side of weight loss and diets (you will not feel low or deprived of food at any point of time). Diets can be easy and delightful too.

This is the theme based on which the entire guidebook has been written by Dr. Mark Hyman. He has scientifically tested each information that he has published in this book so you can have full faith to walk following this roadmap. Dr. Hyman says that this 10 Day Detox Plan will not only affect your fat and carbs but also your body functions.

If said elaborately, all that is dysfunctioning in your body is due to the deposition of fat and carbs for years and years which needs to be removed in order to maintain a healthy body balance.

Starting from chronic diseases including diabetes(type2), asthma, joint pains, brain fog, fatigue, allergies to skin irritations or issues like acne, eczema and even sexual dysfunctioning, everything has one common cause that is fat which is sickening your life since time immemorial.

If you want to reset your body functions as they were initially designed to, take up this 10-day challenge and see yourself with a better metabolism and in turn, health and the fun fact is that you don’t have to go through those gloomy-food-deprived-days.

To get complete information on this program, check this website out:

21 Day Sugar Detox

This is another effective food-based program that allows you to detox from sugar and does not end those cravings but makes you learn to have control over it. You have to remember that 3-week is a long time and that you have to be patient about this whole process. Patience and dedication will yield a good outcome big time! Cutting off the sugar on a regular basis will help you lose fat and carbs automatically.

So if you are planning to join a gym or do anything difficult to help yourself lose some pounds, simply stick to this program to get a fruitful result. This might be a tough challenge to face because this program concentrates on strict eating habits such as shakes and smoothies mainly, but keep in mind that this is definitely worthy.

One of the unique features of this program is that it has 3 levels. Meaningly, you get to choose which level fits you the best on the basis of your current sugar habits and you can continue with that till your results.

Be honest with yourself while choosing the level as this will pay you off in this process if done correctly. Another unique feature is that it has special modifications for pregnants, athletes, nursing moms, people with severe diseases, etc. This means you got nothing to worry about while on this diet as the program has been modified in your way.

To get complete information on this, you may check out this website:

Sugar Detox Tips for You

  1. Understand what those little sugar cubes are actually doing to you and your health, this will help you give up the sugar habit easily.
  2. Be relaxed and let yourself calm down a bit. Studies have shown that people who think less are thin and people who think more are obese. This has a weird connection in between as confirmed by Dr. Hyman too.
  3. Hydrate yourself properly.
  4. Get a peaceful sleep for a tad fall in your sleeping hours will directly affect your appetite and you will be back with cupcakes and sugar candies.
  5. Keep processed or refined sugar away from you as it has the ability to raise your blood sugar level faster than any other substance.
  6. While on diets, make sure you are sticking to what the program expects you to. Don’t let yourself feel low, as this for your own betterment.

Let us learn the Benefits of Sugar Detox

  1. Although the notion of detoxing sounds a bit strong and hectic honestly, it is the only easy way to get a healthy and rejuvenated life just like it is supposed to be. Now to clear all the wrong habits that you have been continuing to do, you have to find the reset button and press it right? That is what detoxing is! It is simply a reset button for your body to change back to what it was initially like you do for your computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  2. Resetting your body will help you get rid of deep-rooted issues like blood sugar, metabolic disorders, hormonal issues, etc.
  3. You will be able to bid goodbye to your inferior complex and low confidence. Not only will you radiate good vibes and feel full, but you will be one of those inspirations whom people will follow.
  4. You will lose weight considerably in this process. While practicing this diet, you are able to remove unwanted and harmful toxins like sugar that hold your weight stagnant. As they say, sugar is the new fat, cutting off sugar from your meal actually makes you cut off fats from your body.
  5. You will successfully eliminate those strong cravings for sugary substances. It will help you build a control over your senses. This will restrict you from further in taking of such substances.
  6. You will be able to choose your foods properly in future. While sticking to the plan, you unconsciously build up a connection with a healthy routine and you do not want to hamper that even after the plan is over. Hence, healthiness will be intact.

Have a glance on the Side effects of Sugar Detox

Due to the withdrawal of your sugar habits, there could be a few issues that might take place after a certain time. You may suffer from:

  1. Headaches
  2. Depression and anxiety
  3. Hunger cravings
  4. Low energy level
  5. Anger issues (you might feel impulsive)
  6. Boredom, etc.

So with this, I come to the end of this informative article on How to Sugar Detox. Make your decision and start acting from today itself. Live healthy, live strong.

Bye to your Sugar Addiction
Bye to your Sugar Addiction


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