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Liver Detox-Concept, Benefits & Side Effects

How to detox liver?

You may have already understood the importance of how your body removes and purges out the toxic substances from the body when it comes to maintaining your health and well-being. With the huge burden of environmental pollution coupled with the processed and junk foods and the toxic substances we use as body care products, most of us are in dire need of a good liver detox.

One of the most viable means through which our body gets rid of the toxic substances is through liver which is regarded as an industrious organ of the body.  It strives 24×7 so that our blood gets detoxified, bile is produced to help in fat digestion, the hormone is broken down and the needful vitamins and minerals are stored. So if your liver is showing even the slightest symptoms of malfunction, it would be really difficult to digest foods, particularly fats.

So, it is imperative that you help your liver function optimally by keeping it clean and healthy and stave off from the toxic overload. So if you’re wondering how to detox your liver, here goes 5 simple and easy to follow ideas that would aid you to a great extent.

Get rid of the booze: No matter what sort of healthy news the label around your red wine bottle says, all alcoholic beverages are bad for your poor, tiny liver. Your liver can’t get well with any of them even those which are overloaded with lots of antioxidants. It considers all kinds of alcohols as toxins and it would have to utilize a whopping amount of energy so that it can get rid of those toxins and purify your blood. And when your liver is struggling, it is using up a good share of your metabolic energy which often paves the way for sluggishness, weight gain, fatigue and also, sleeplessness.

Drink as much water as possible: What could be a better liver detox drink than a glassful of alkalizing water? Water comprises of natural minerals and if you can add a squeeze of lemon to it, you can boost its cleansing and alkalizing properties to a great extent. The lemon liver detox along with all other citrus fruits contains loads of Vitamin C or tocopherol that cleanses your body and sweep out waste and toxins. This simple liver detox also helps in maintaining the optimum pH balance of the blood. Besides this, you may also drink liver detox tea such as green tea as a second option.

Consume the best possible foods: For naturally liver detox, it is not that important to count the calories that go in, but you would have to make sure that each of the foods you are eating is of high quality. By this, it means that you must aim to eat organic and GMO-free fresh fruits and vegetables, the ones which are packed with chlorophyll, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other important nutrients. Eating organic has always been important, but it is also a natural liver detox method as the herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers add up the toxin content of the fruits and vegetables. So when you consume them, it can lead to different kinds of liver diseases, even cancer. The organically produced fruits, as well as vegetables, contain higher amounts of nutrients like vitamins and sulfur which assist in the detoxification and cleansing of liver. So the next time you hit the market, make sure you shop for collards, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, apples, kale, garlic, onions, squash, tomatoes, oranges, and limes.

Gulp in the right fats: One of the finest ways to liver detox is to check the fats you are eating. This is because your liver is in charge of producing bile, an enzyme that breaks down fat. So, you can help the bile to function properly by eating healthy fats like coconut, almonds, walnuts, hemp, flax seeds, chia, olives, avocado, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Artery clogging animal fats should be avoided at all costs and vegetable oils such as soy and corn would be the last thing you should be eating for a healthy liver.

Select the proper supplements: When you are willing to go for a fast liver detox, you cannot get hold of some pills and pop them in simply because they claim to be good for your liver. Make sure that they are rich in selenium and high-quality Vitamin B as these 2 components would aid in metabolize all those components that aids in keeping your little liver healthy. You may also read the liver detox reviews before purchasing any health supplements. It would be wise to consider some herbs to liver detox such as artichoke leaf and milk thistle as they help in cleansing your liver. Following these tips could be a great way to liver detox at home, naturally and support its functions as well.

Benefits of liver detox

 Even though our liver performs over 400 major functions, many of us overlook the importance of liver detox and cleansing. So if you are thinking what could be the possible liver detox benefits, here go the top 6 advantages of liver cleansing.

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Liver Detox Benefits

Promotes healthy weight loss

 You have already noted that liver generates bile which processes and digests the fats present in our diet. Now of you can keep your liver free of toxins, it can produce optimum levels of bile and it could be just the beginning of liver detox weight loss.

Supports your immune system

As your liver helps in reducing the toxins and waste items from your body, having a clean and healthy liver is crucial to strengthen your immune system.

Reduces the risk of liver stone formation

Too much of cholesterol in the diet contributes to the formation of a stone-like substance in the liver. The excess amount of bile hardens to form these stones which can block the passage of gall bladder and liver. You would be surprised to know that you could have about 200 to 300 of these minute stones which would greatly affect your liver’s natural ability to purify toxins. When you opt for a liver cleansing detox diet, you can actually get rid of about 100 to 300 of these stones as they are purged out of the body.

Assists the natural detox system of the body

The primary function of your liver is to cleanse out toxins from your body by transforming them into harmless by-products. During this process, a meager amount of toxins and waste materials remain back in the body which generally doesn’t lead to a problem. But over time, these little amounts accumulate and cause a dispute in the proper liver functioning. So when you choose to undergo a liver detox diet, you are able to support the innate abilities of your body to eliminate toxins.

Helps in the improvement of energy levels

When your liver cleanses the waste materials, they are converted into harmless by-products which are often consumed by the body as needful nutrients. But due to an overload of toxins or stone formations, these by-products are not able to get back to the bloodstream making you weak and tired. When you drink liver detox drinks and follow some daily diet plan, you can help your liver get back to its track and feel energized than before.

Boosts your vitality

By undergoing a liver detox at home, you can help to restore your liver’s top productivity and efficiency. Reducing the intake of all that are harmful to your liver would leave your skin glowing, making you appear brighter and healthier. Plus, it also helps to promote optimum bile production and breaking down of fat which would result in toning your body and making you look younger.

Side effects of liver detox

Once you are prepared to take up the liver detox challenge, it is imperative that you know the liver detox symptoms so that you can determine the difference between whether your detox plan is working right or whether your body is actually giving warning signs.

Bloating: The first thing you are going to experience is too much of bloating and gas formation. You may also find loose stools and mucous in your stool and they are all a sign that the method is working effectively.

Fatigue: It’s true that you are willing to undergo vitamins liver detox to fight off fatigue but for the first 3 days, it could be more than difficult for you to get up and do something. This is also natural as your body is struggling against the waste materials making it possible for you to feel incredibly awesome after 2 to 3 weeks of completing the simple liver detox.

Headaches: This one is really tricky. During the liver detox plan, you would have to stay away from coffee and taking a sudden break from your daily habit may trigger a headache. You can help the situation by drinking liver detox tea, water, magnesium supplements or muscle relaxants that may work wonders.

Breakouts: People opt to undergo liver detox for acne, but in most cases, things may take a worse turn before getting better. When you are trying to push out waste materials and toxins, they may  lead to some more pimples and acne. But there is no reason  to worry about; if you can follow the complete regime, your skin will improve to a great extent.

Emotional distress: It’s common to feel tearful, angry and frustrated while undergoing a detox plan. If you can allow them to be manifested, you can also contribute to alleviating your physical symptoms until you realize that your inner system and physical appearance has improved noticeably.

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