Nicotine Detox Diet

Best Nicotine Detox Diet with Natural Foods with Some Tips

Wondering if you can get rid of that irresistible urge to take just one small puff? It is time for you to stop wondering and start reacting to this horrible human addiction to nicotine.

Do you even realize that within 7 to 15 seconds after your last cigarette, the Nicotine that got entry inside your body travels through your bloodstream and directly hits your brain which with time results in serious health consequences such as stroke, chronic lung diseases, heart attack, and what not?

Even a passive smoker has a high risk of developing lung and heart diseases because of the massive effect that this substance inflicts. By now, it should be known to all and sundry that Nicotine is the addictive substance present in Tobacco on chewing, sniffing, or smoking.

Despite knowing this harsh truth, people suffering from this vice are proving to be failures in the field of detoxing from tobacco. In this article learn about what is nicotine detox and natural ways to detox your body from nicotine.

Smoking infographics
Smoking infographics

The very initial and common question that might arise in your mind is: How long does it take to detox from Nicotine? In that case, I might have to take the help of what studies have found so far. Studies have shown that Nicotine withdrawal varies from person to person.

But one thing which has been seen in common is that people who go for Nicotine Withdrawal initially suffer from a few physical symptoms such as headaches or dizziness, but the inner urge lingers for a certain amount of time. It might last as long as several weeks to months sometimes especially if your habit was strong enough to put it to rest. The recovery period is a difficult question to answer as the damages vary.

If you stop quitting smoking for 3 weeks, it is usually seen that the heart rate, blood pressure, lung functions, circulation improve from what it was and if you decide to stay as a nonsmoker for a year and more, your chances of getting heart attacks or strokes will be halved.

The following question might be: What are the Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms/Side effects? The answer is here too. You might suffer from acute or chronic

  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain and craving
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of concentration
  • Intestinal cramping
  • Coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Anger
  • Sweating
  • A sore throat, etc.

Now that you have come across a little information about your daily Nicotine intake,

Wake up for a Nicotine Detox!

The foremost step for detoxing is to say no to cigarettes for good. Make sure that your brain accepts to live without the thing which it refused to leave yesterday.

Learn the different side effects of nicotine and develop hatred towards it. After this, move on to the next step of detoxing that is, taking the help of a proper plan including Detox Drinks, Detox Foods, and even Detox Products.

Now let’s get started with the home remedies first. Following is the list of foods and drinks which can be your best friends throughout your Natural Nicotine Detox Plan.

  1. The Need For H2O – Water is simply brilliant in flushing out the toxins in the form of Nicotine from your system through urination and sweating. Nicotine dehydrates your body severely and you cannot feel it happening as a smoker, hence you skip taking water even more. The effect of this is long-term and undoubtedly makes you unhealthier than before. Therefore, drinking at least half a gallon of water every day is mandatory. This will boost up your kidney and it will start functioning to remove the chemical from your body. You can add lemons and drink them for a rapid result as it effectively cleanses your system to get rid of toxins.
  2. Squeeze Out Some Oranges Or Spinach For A Healthy Detox Juice: Smoking for a long period of time steals the essential minerals and vitamins present in your body. Vitamins like C and E are the major ones to get depleted once you start smoking regularly. To restore the lost vitamins, you need to make sure that your meal plan includes fruits (orange) and foods (spinach) rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E respectively. You may choose according to your preference of flavors. Orange juice and Spinach juice are strong sources of your essential vitamins. So get them restored with a healthy detox juice every morning.

    Nicotine Detox with Orange Juice
    Nicotine Detox with Orange Juice
  3. Veggies For The Smokers: Veggies like broccoli, carrot, eggplant, cucumber, beans, etc are excellent for decreasing your dependence on Nicotine. Carrot has a high level of Vitamins A, C, B, and K that helps your immune system to get boosted up and help in detoxing. Broccoli contains folic acid and it helps to protect your lungs and liver from toxins. Eat these in your breakfast or midday lunch during the initial days of your Nicotine Withdrawal as these will help your body system get settled without causing any disturbances. However, don’t rely on eggplant for a long time as this might ignite the urge of smoking right back. Also, restrict eating sweet vegetables for the same reason.

    Veggies for Nicotine Detox
    Veggies for Nicotine Detox
  4. Green Tea In Your Favour: Green tea contains an amino acid known as L-theanine which in contact with the caffeine(present in green tea) acts as an enhancer and provides a calming effect. This has the ability to switch your attention from smoking and can help you avoid distraction. This would definitely help you deal with your sudden cravings better. Smoking induces a serious level of toxicity in your body cells which is also protected by the power of green tea. Studies have shown that out of 100 people (smokers) who started using green tea regularly, 70 participants reduced consumption of cigarettes and the remaining 30 participants put an end to smoking. Drink green tea thrice or twice a day regularly. This is one of the quick Nicotine Detox Methods.
  5. Play With Kiwi And Strawberries For Detoxing: Fruits like Kiwi and Strawberries have high concentrations of Vitamins like A, C, and E. Generally during smoking, these vitamins are drained in a considerable amount. Hence it is wise to ensure that your meal plate is full of fruits rich in such vitamins including these as well as oranges, as discussed earlier. You may drink a smoothie or directly eat them. Continue this for a long period of time to revamp yourself.
  6. Garlic Is Gonna Refresh You: Garlic does wonders to cleanse your lungs and liver. It contains Allicin, which helps in this process. You can use crushed garlic cloves in your cooked food such as meat and vegetables or eat it raw. The odor of the garlic may not be liked by everyone, in that case, you can go for garlic supplements available at pharmacy stores though it is recommended to use the natural ones rather than the processed ones.

    Garlic for Nicotine Detox
    Garlic for Nicotine Detox
  7. Cranberry Juice: Cranberry is filled with antioxidants that help in detoxing your body from Nicotine or any other harmful toxins. It contains a special element known as Arbutin, which acts as a water pill and draws toxins or free radicals out of the body enabling extensive cleansing of your body system. You can punch cranberries with oranges and make a blended juice for this purpose.
  8. Ginger For That Lung Tar: Ginger is known to be an inducer of perspiration. Perspiration helps to release toxins stored in your body naturally and also clears your lungs from the heavy tar stored for a long period of time. You can eat a piece of ginger in your meal or dip ginger roots in the boiled or steamed water and make yourself an evening ginger tea. It naturally loosens up your phlegm and helps you to get rid of the tar hence improves lung circulation.
  9. So Next Is Soya Bean: Soya bean is rich in flavonoids and other nutritions which are way more than enough to repair the damages caused by smoking Nicotine. It also has an anti-inflammation effect due to the presence of flavonoids and this greatly reduces the lung damages caused over the years or months.
  10. Say Cheese: Be it active smoker or passive, the risk of getting lung infections and even cancer applies for both, surprisingly three times more for theive smokers. To protect yourself from such horrible consequences, increase the amount of Vitamin A in your meals. This is actively present in cheese, yogurt, or butter. Consume these and guard your system.
  11. Seafood Selection: Seafood such as crabs, prawns, tuna, salmons have an ample amount of Omega-3 which is useful to maintain your lung health and repair the damage. Omega-3 rich food readily cleanses your body toxins especially that of lungs and gives a livelier system.
  12. Squash A Pomegranate: Pomegranate is widely known for its antioxidant effects. It also has a huge contribution in cutting off Nicotine levels in your body that too from your bloodstream mainly. This is the best way to detox nicotine from your body. So squash it or eat it directly for some immediate results.

Alternatively, you may seek the help of artificial Nicotine Detox Products available in the market these days, namely,

This completes the knowledgeable article covering almost all the areas of Nicotine Detoxification. Implement these carefully for a constant length of time to see yourself get better in respect of health. Besides these, you can take theĀ help of exercises too.

Maintain a daily schedule of mild workouts at the beginning, then slowly enter into the pro level. Keeping this as your regular schedule will balance your body system and your body will learn to sync automatically. Also, sweating will aid you to cleanse your inner toxins.

Deep breathing is another effective method to maintain your body sync. While on a Detox Plan, you should remember not to be stressed. Deep breathing at least 10 times a day for 10 seconds eases this for you.

You may also have red chilies or chili peppers in your midday or dinner meal. It might sound a little off track but those small red things can cleanse your lungs because of the presence of Pro-Vitamin A.

Summing everything up, eat healthily and accordingly, apply every information you learned, and remember quitting smoking lowers your chance of risking your own life. Therefore resist yourself from grabbing a filter-tip the next time.

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