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7 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottles for your Fruit Infused Recipes

Now drinking water has become more fun with one of the latest trends in recent times where your water bottle can hold your favorite fruits inside.

Yes! That’s right! If you haven’t heard of the fruit infuser water bottles yet then probably this is the high time for you to know, when the entire nation is becoming health conscious day by day.

These fruit infuser bottles are in rage these days and have some great benefits which keep you healthy by making fresh fruit juice recipes for on the go time. #bestfruitwaterbottle

We have shortlisted some 7 top Fruit infuser bottles, with their features, advantages and pros and cons to help you buy the best one!

Advantages of these Fruit Infuser Bottles

Want to add some fruity flavor to your water? Go ahead. Add it. But make sure you are not using store-bought flavors which are added with preservatives as nothing can be healthier than real fruits.

And to make your water fruticous what you can do best is to use these fruit infuser water bottles.

These bottles help you to add sliced up fruits or fresh vegetables-whatever the flavor you prefer, to your water and you can reuse the fruits all day until the flavors get dissipated.

In case, you are interested in these bottles then here is the review of 7 best-fruit infuser water bottles for money.

Choose any of them for buying, but one common thing that you can get from all of the 7, for sure, is good health.

7 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottles to Pick From (With Reviews)

1. Asobu Flavor It Glass Infuser Bottle- 20 oz

IMages of Asobu Flavor It Infuser Bottle- 20 oz
Asobu Flavor It Infuser Bottle- 20 oz

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 Features: This hi-tech model from Asobu let you add limes, lemons, strawberries, apples, cucumbers, fresh mint and what not, to your water and comes in 5 colors (green, red, yellow, blue and smoke) currently.

The glass material of the bottle is incredibly resistant to any damage and 100 percent BPA free. Also, it can bear subfreezing to boiling temperature waters.

These fruit infuser bottles from Asobu are ideal for the gym, office, school-goers, travelers or any outdoor activities.

Cleaning: The bottles are absolutely dishwasher friendly. Though using cleaners containing chlorine or bleach should be avoided. Also, try to clean with non-abrasive cloth or sponge to keep the bottle durable. Using it in microwave or freezing is not at all recommended.

2. Basily Elite Infuser Water Bottle- 28 ounces

Online Basily Elite Infuser Water Bottle- 28 ounces Images
Basily Elite Infuser Water Bottle- 28 ounces

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Features: Blue and red are the two colors in which you can avail these sporty looking, sturdy build and effective Basily Elite Infuser Water Bottles.

Each bottle has a flip-top cap which makes the opening easy every time. The high-quality Tritan Plastic makes the bottles durable and toxic-free.

Give your water a fruity splash by using this bottle every day. Now boring office or exercise, anything can be turned into a fun-filled experience when the prize is fruity-flavored water.

Cleaning: Cleaning is easy as the product is dishwasher friendly. Just use a non-abrasive sponge and a mild detergent for cleaning the bottle with your hands.

3. Infuser Pro Water Bottles-24 oz


Buy Online Infuser Pro Water Bottles-24 oz Images

Features: The Infuser Pro water bottles come in 3 distinctive colors- charcoal, mango, and teal. Each of them offers you 3 essential features.

Firstly, these bottles have the infuser basket designed at the bottom so that you can get the best flavors of your fruits and veggies while they are totally submerged in the water.

Secondly, each bottle comes with a premium neoprene insulating sleeve and a carrying handle. That’s not all. The bottles have a sturdy leak-proof water infuser design which will help you to take it anywhere you go.

Lastly, the bottles are made of premium Tritan plastic that is BPA-free and non-toxic.

Cleaning: You can clean the bottle in a dishwasher or with your hands, just avoid any strong detergent. The bottle has two openings, both in the top and bottom to make cleaning easier.

4. Avoin Colorlife Fruit Infuser Water Bottle- 27 oz:

Online Buy Avoin Colorlife Fruit Infuser Water Bottle- 27 oz Images
Avoin Colorlife Fruit Infuser Water Bottle- 27 oz Online

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Features: With the 100% scratch-resistant Avoin color life fruit infuser water bottles you can match your moods according to the colors of the bottles that are available in black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow.

Anyone can own these flip lid top bottles for any purpose. Carry these BPA-free reusable eco-friendly bottles with you to the gym, office, school, picnics or anywhere you want.

Infuse fruits, vegetables or tea bags into the water any time or remove the infuser and use it as normal bottles. It will take 5-10 minutes depending on the food for the flavors to submerge totally.

Cleaning: As like the others the cleaning is easy and the bottles are completely dishwasher friendly. But it is recommended to use mild detergents with non-abrasive sponges while cleaning it with hands.

5. InfusionH20 Fruit Infused Water Bottle – 32 oz

Buy Online InfusionH20 Fruit Infuser Water Bottles - 32 oz Images
InfusionH20 Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 oz

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Features: This largemouth fruit infused water bottle with leak-proof flip-top lid, from InfusionH20, are available in wide range of colors including black, light gray, lime green, pink-purple, and teal.

The bottles are made of BPA-free Titran plastic which is 100% resistant to impacts. The large infuser basket is very easy to fill and the manufacturer is giving 100% satisfaction guarantee with each of the products and 30 days of free replacement guarantee is also applicable.

Cleaning: The largemouth of the bottle makes it easy to clean with hands. Use mild detergent and cotton cloth to clean the bottle or you can use the dishwasher also.

6. InfuseFruit Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 oz

Buy Online InfuseFruit Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 oz Images

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Features: While other brands are offering colorful fruits infuser water bottles, InfuseFruit is also not lagging behind, as it has introduced colors including tango red, azure blue, bubblegum pink, charcoal black, golden yellow, and lemon green.

The colorful water bottles from InfuseFruit make your drinking healthy and enjoyable with long infusion. Even when your bottle is half full, the infuser will give your water, fruity splash as the long infuser is designed to deeply submerge in the water.

The comfortable outer insulation sleeve absorbs perspiration and keeps your water fresh all day long. The leak proof design of the bottle makes sure that the water can drain out from one side only so that you can carry it in your bag anywhere without any a headache.

Cleaning: The 32 oz large water bottles can be cleaned effortlessly. You can wash them with plain water every day or use mild soap and non-abrasive cloth to clean the bottle at least once in two days.

Keeping the bottle clean will eliminate the chances of contamination. Do not freeze or microwave the bottle. You can use the dishwasher also but with mild detergent.

7. The Real Zeal Fruit Infused Water Bottles- 24 oz: 

Buy Online The Real Zeal Fruit Infused Water Bottles- 24 oz Images
InfuseFruit Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 oz

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Features: The fruit infused water bottles from the Real Zeal come in 7 different colors including yellow, purple, green, orange, pink, white-green and white-purple that make them stand out from the crowd.

You can simply add the fruits in the base of the bottle and water in the top so that you can enjoy the real flavors of the fruits in your water.

Buy online The Real Zeal Fruit Infused Water Bottles- 24 oz images
Real Zeal Fruit Infused Water Bottles- 24 oz

The spring-loaded cap and molded spout of the bottles are for comfortable usage. The leakage-proof closing mechanism makes the bottle easy to carry anywhere.

The BPA-free plastic is completely safe and can withstand any temperatures between -20 degree C to 120 degrees.

Cleaning: The parts are easy to remove for cleaning including the handle. The dishwasher friendly bottles can also be used by your hands with mild detergent and a soft cloth.


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