What Is Pollotarian Diet - Benefits, Food Lists, Meal Plans

What Is Pollotarian Diet – Benefits, Food Lists, Meal Plans

A pollotarian diet known as pollo-vegetarian is a type of semi-vegetarianism in which chicken is allowed, but red meat and pork are not.

While “pollo” specifically means chicken in both Spanish and in Italian, pollotarians are known to incorporate different forms of poultry, like duck and turkey in their diet.

We have seen people following a variety of different diets oriented towards other goals like Ovo-Lacto vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, flexitarian diet, etc.

What Is Pollotarian Diet?

A pollotarian diet is a type of semi-vegetarianism in which chicken is allowed, but red meat and pork are not. Some pollotarians may also include eggs and dairy in their diet. Those who eat fish and seafood are considered pesce-pollotarians.

A pollotarian diet makes its way through healthy food eating. A more realistic option for meat-eaters who are finding for neat alternatives for their non-veg cravings, this can be a fantastic diet.

As the captivating name suggests a Pollotarian is someone who eats poultry like turkey, duck, chicken, and fish but not red meat or pork products.

This no-red-meat diet plan can be a step towards a vegetarian lifestyle or consuming a balanced diet.

If you are not getting enough protein and nutrients from dairy products, seeds, nuts, sprouts, etc then it is advisable to include some seafood in the diet.

The Pesce-Pollotarian diet plan is basically loaded with turkey, chicken, poultry products, and seafood.

They don’t consume the flesh of any mammals. It’s a combination of pescetarian and pollotarian.

What Is Pollotarian Diet
What Is Pollotarian Diet

Also, a pollotarian who is a vegetarian that eats chicken can be called a pescatarian chicken.

Amazing Health Benefits of the Pollotarian Diet

It emphasizes plant-based food protein and poultry, mostly avoiding processed foods. This sustainable style may support managing the weight consciously.

One can go for a fix-days pollotarian diet plan like five-day a week and can vary the amount of poultry they consume.

It really helps and is exciting to try out new things too. Let’s see the advantages of following a Pollotarian Diet;

1. Supports Weight Loss

If you are looking forward to reducing weight then this can be the Pollotarian diet is the perfect start to limit your fat intake.

Poultry is rich in protein and fiber while lower in calories and saturated fat which helps reduce your appetite thus decreasing your portion size.

It also helps decrease your hunger cravings thus saving you from fatty foods. Those with vegetarian diets have lower Body Mass Index than non -vegetarians.

pollotarian diet Weight Loss
pollotarian diet Weight Loss

2. May Decrease Heart Disease Risk

High intake of red meat especially processed meat and fried food are at the highest risk of heart disease. It takes lots of energy and effort to digest them.

Pollotarian diets being high in plant-based protein and poultry consumption are healthy to include in lifestyle.

Also, they may be a rich source of fiber and antioxidants which helps in maintaining blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.

pollotarian diet benefits
pollotarian diet benefits

3. May Decrease Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Processed meat has also been associated with high type 2 Diabetes risk. There are studies that show that people who replaced processed meat consumption with fish, poultry, and dairy products have significantly lowered their Type 2 Diabetes risk.

Fibre-rich Pollotarian food is especially suitable and beneficial.

4. May Reduces Certain Cancers Risk

Studies show colorectal cancer is especially associated with the high consumption of red meat. Also, its regular consumption may also bring you some risky results.

On the other hand, this plant-based pollotarian diet is not only healthy but also saves you from the risk of certain cancers.

5. Beneficial for the Environment

Studies have found that producing beef requires 11 times more irrigation water and much more land than required for other livestock production. Also, it emits 5 times more greenhouse gases than other livestock.

Consuming plant-based foods has always been sustainable for the environment and also a cheap and nutritious source of food.

Meat habits require much more effort than simple plant-based meals.

6. Conducive for an Active Lifestyle

For hectic work schedules remaining focused has become an essential requirement these days. We often need to multitask as well.

So being low in calories and carbs and rich in plant-based protein and nutrients pollotarian diet keeps you energy packed for long hours and also reduces levels of lethargy, making your day more productive and efficient.

But there are certain Cons too of a Pollotarian Diet plan

Vegetarian diets may at times lack the sufficient amount of nutrients required for the body. Especially those who go for the weight-gain plan have to increase their animal-based food intake.

These nutrient deficiencies may possibly include –

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids
  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is only found in animal-based products. Considering how much poultry a pollotarian consumes, a B12 supplement is recommended for them

Also, diets without dairy products lack much of the required nourishment so it’s important to include plant-based sources of calcium, like kale, sesame seeds, white beans, whole soy products, etc.

Iron and zinc through available sufficiently in plant foods but are better absorbed from animal products.

And although poultry is a source of minerals Pollotarians may still need to be conscious of incorporating some supplements of iron and zinc.

For omega-3 deficiency, Pollotarians may have to rely on walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc. which helps improve physical and mental wellness.

Deficiencies of certain minerals and nutrients may at times lead to weakness in the body and decrease immunity too.

So it becomes important to feed a balanced diet ourselves for which Pollotarians may have to depend upon different tried and tested combinations.

Foods to Eat (List) Pollotarian Diet

A pollotarian diet is mostly a highly plant-based food diet that contains dairy and poultry.  You may include these foods in a pollotarian diet;

  • Fruits: apples, grapefruit, bananas, berries, pears, etc.
  • Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, squash, potatoes, peppers, etc.
  • Legumes: lentils, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, etc.
  • Whole grains and grain products: quinoa, oats, millet, farro, etc.
  • Plant-based protein: tofu, pea protein, seitan, etc.
  • Healthy fats: avocados, olive oil, coconut, coconut oil, etc.
  • Nuts, nut butter, and seeds: pumpkin seeds, almond butter, walnuts, etc.
  • Poultry: including chicken, turkey, and duck
  • Non-dairy products: almond milk, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, etc.

Pollotarians may also choose to include eggs and dairy products.

Foods To Avoid In Pollotarian Diet

  • beef/red Meat
  • pork
  • lamb
  • game meat, such as bison, elk, and venison
  • fish
  • shellfish

So pollotarian diet is semi-vegetarianism which may include eggs and dairy products. Supplementing it with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables may keep you active and efficient for long hours.

And to decrease the risk of certain deficiencies Pollotarians must have mixed balanced diets.

Just go consciously with your dietary plans and it may bring wonders to your healthy lifestyle.

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