23 Easy High Protein Vegan Meals & Recipes You'll Love!

23 Healthy High Protein Vegan Meals & Recipes You’ll Love!

Looking for some easy vegan meal ideas high in protein to savor the taste of healthy and nutritious food?

Here, we’ve got some of the best healthy high protein vegan meals and recipes that are perfect for lunch or dinner.

Life’s tough when you’re a vegan who needs a diet plan that is plant-based and high protein too.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for a vegan to find cheery tasty options for everyday meals, especially when one is looking for nutritious recipes which are low carb, high in protein, vitamins as well as at the same time delicious and flavorful too.

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We have got here some creative and easy protein vegan recipes curated to make mouth-watering dishes from the limited and simple ingredients you have.

To boost metabolism or lose weight or have protein-rich food after intense body workouts, these recipes work in every scenario and satiate your appetite as well.

Also, these are yummy, impressive, and budget-friendly too.

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Even if you follow a vegan lifestyle we have countless combinations of plant foods that can make up healthy and satisfying meals that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty!

A high-protein diet is a must for bodybuilding and muscle rejuvenation and if you can’t eat meat and eggs then this list of recipes is great for your post-workout sessions.

So hey Vegans don’t worry your Thanksgiving Or Christmas is going to be so feasty this year with healthy protein-rich options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Let’s dig in folks!

1. BBQ Couscous Bowl with Tofu

best plant-based protein foods
best plant-based protein foods

Vegan bowls are a great option for protein-rich lunch or dinner options.

Loaded with vegetables and soy-rich tofu this dish is quite filling and is affordable and delicious.

It’s also a great lunch to take to work or school and you can mix and match the veggies as per your taste!

This is one of my favorite high protein vegan meals for that you’ll love to make!

2. Vegetable Stir-Fry with Crispy Tofu

high protein vegan dinner recipes
high protein vegan dinner recipes

This stir-fried vegetable is a deliciously hearty, high-protein vegan meal.  It features tender, seasonal, crispy vegetables tossed in a homemade ginger sauce.

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High on protein, a perfect dish for vegetarians and you can change the vegetables as per your diet plan.

You can eat this as a side dish, or appetizer, or have it with rice or bread!

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3. Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry

high protein vegan meals dinner
high protein vegan meals dinner

Packed with antioxidants, minerals, protein, and fiber broccoli can be the healthiest green vegetable one can have all the time.

And a small serving of cashew also provides you with zinc and Vitamin B6.

It is one of my best high-protein vegan meals that my kids love too.

This gluten-free, oil-free recipe is super easy to prepare and takes just 30 minutes to go.

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4. BBQ Lentil Balls

vegan protein recipes
vegan protein recipes

Prepared out of simple plant-based healthy ingredients and tossed in BBQ sauce this lentil balls recipe is super easy and quick to prepare.

Being budget friendly and nutritious I often make it as a starter in my celebration parties.

This has great texture and brings out the best version of lentils, rice, mushrooms, and onion with luscious BBQ sauce.

This is one of my favorite high protein vegan meals for a quick evening starter.

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5. Baked Green Pea Fritters 

high protein plant based meals
high protein plant based meals

This fritters’ recipe is surely gonna make you fall in love with all the green vegetables you have.

This is crispy, juicy, flavorful, protein rich, and can be spicy as per your taste buds. This healthy recipe can go as a smooth side dish or starter or can be the perfect brunch for you guys.

You can always add all those veggies you wish your child to eat. These green pea vegan fritters can be served with creamy sauces of your choice.

Also, you can sprinkle a bit of herb while serving them.

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6. High Protein Salad

high protein vegan meal recipes
high protein vegan meal recipes

If you are looking for a power-packed, healthy, nutritious, and juicy protein salad recipe, then this dish contains all.

Gluten-free this salad contains beans, lentils, and capers. It is a low-carb, zero-fat recipe.

It is one of the best and easiest high-protein vegan meals to serve as a tasty appetizer for those evening cravings.

You can surely have it after your body-building workout. It will instantly boost your metabolism and make you full in no time.

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7. Crispy Air Fryer Tofu

vegan high protein recipes
vegan high protein recipes

Rich in nutrition, crispy outside, and tender from inside this air-fried tofu dish will serve your low-carb demand perfectly.

It is really easy to make and super quick to satiate your hunger and cravings.

You can also serve different types of creamy sauces with it and just sprinkle some herbs over them to add real-time flavors.

Just a few minutes and this vegan protein-rich delicacy is ready to roll.

This can be served as a quick snack in brunch or as a side dish as well to your noodles, flavored rice, or creamy salads too.

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8. Red Lentil Fritters

plant based protein meals
plant based protein meals

Crispy, hearty, and full of flavors these highly nutritious red lentil fritters can be your best appetizer for evening snacks.

They can be baked or fried in a pan with little oil or can be deeply fried too. This vegetarian recipe is one of my favorites as it’s quick to make and a great protein boost full of flavors.

Also, red lentil is super rich in Vitamin-B, Magnesium, and Iron. So serve these power-packed fritters in your lunch today.

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9. Tomato Quinoa Salad

vegan high protein meals
vegan high protein meals

Extra juicy and healthy this vegan recipe of tomato quinoa salad is good to go appetizer.

This is my high-protein vegan lunch when I want to have something light yet tasty. This is completely customizable as you can add here any veggie of your choice.

This protein salad recipe is super refreshing and pocket friendly as well. Enjoy this simple healthy plant-based meal with your family.

You can include this weight loss recipe in your breakfast list for the upcoming summer holidays.

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10. Vegan Burritos

easy high protein vegan meals
easy high protein vegan meals

This hearty high protein plant-based meal is loaded with black beans, corn, guacamole, brown rice, and vegan sour cream these burritos are set perfectly in lunch boxes.

It’s a simple vegan yet delicious recipe that is easy to make on those lazy days when you don’t want to cook.

You can also carry these high-protein burritos while traveling just wrap them nicely and have them to avoid all late-night fatty cravings.

Also, this is a budget-friendly recipe so serve it open-heartedly.

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11. Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

high protein vegan meal lunch
high protein vegan meal lunch

With lots of green and highly nutritious ingredients, this colorful bowl can bring magic to your muscle-building days.

Black beans, carrots, onions, broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, cilantro, and every veggie that your family loves can be chopped down for this beautiful satiating bowl.

This is so easy to make yet the most stamina-boosting vegan dish I’ve ever had.  For my hectic work days, I prefer to have it in my breakfast.

You can also add some avocado and quinoa to give a boost to protein intake and nutrients.

A perfect healthy delicious vegan meal option for your post-workout sessions.

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12. Asian Tofu Tacos

high protein vegan recipe
high protein vegan recipe

Super yummy, crunchy and so flavorful these stuffed tacos have all of my heart.

These colorful tacos have the stuffing of crispy tender tofu, veggies, vegan soy sauce, and hoisin sauce with the aroma of garlic.

It may appear tricky but it’s so easy and quick to prepare and this protein-rich vegan delicacy is really going to impress your guests in one shot.

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13. Sheet Pan Garlic Tofu And Brussels Sprouts

high protein vegan meal prep
high protein vegan meal prep

A perfect dinner plan with Brussels sprouts which are low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this dish is a great meal plan.

And the delicate tofu here is like the cherry on the cake as tofu enriches your brain and memory health.

This healthy high-in protein vegan meal prep can be the most delicious delicacy of your Christmas this year.

Also, this is so flavorful and aromatic that your guests will go nuts. So it’s time to leave a tasty impression guys.

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14. Mexican Lentil Soup

vegan protein meals
vegan protein meals

Soups make you warm on cold winter nights and work as a perfect appetizer and comfort food for your family.

This Mexican lentil soup is high in protein as well as so flavorful and chewy. This comforting delicacy is loaded with vegetables and is budget friendly too.

Adding a pinch of lemon juice makes it super refreshing and garnishing it with thin slices of avocado makes it so wholesome.

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15. Baked Tempeh Brown Rice  Bowls

protein dense vegan meals
protein-dense vegan meals

Looking for an all-in-one vegan meal recipe? Then this is the perfect recipe.

This healthy bowl of brown rice and baked tempeh is a low-carb, high-protein vegan meal recipe.

Marinated baked tempeh is its superstar and cabbage slaw with broccoli gives it a fresh leafy taste.

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Add this weight loss, gluten-free, oil-free delicious meal recipe to this summer holiday’s list.

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16. Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl

high protein vegan dinner
high protein vegan dinner

The Buddha bowl has always fascinated me with the number of nutrients and excitement it contains.

And this vegan Thai version is surely impressive. Packed with nutritious ingredients and drizzled with flavorful cashew curry sauce this tastes so yum.

This high-protein vegan meal prep is easy to prepare and has 20 grams of protein with 16 gm of fiber.

Have this power macro bowl in breakfast to keep your energy boost for the whole day.

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17. Marinated Tofu and Quinoa

high protein vegan
high protein vegan

Tasty and high in protein this recipe is complete in itself.

This low carb, low calorie, and wholesome meal prep are really classy and impressive.

Marinated tofu here leaves in your mouth that memorable taste and fresh vegetables here add a refreshing touch.

This protein meal is healthy, vegan, and easy to make at home for lunch.

Also garlic and ginger make it aromatic and full of flavors.

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18. Fall Farro Protein Bowl

vegan protein recipes easy
vegan protein recipes easy

This plant-based protein-enriched bowl is real fun to prepare.

A mix of black pepper, chickpeas, roasted almonds, and smoky tempeh, this mouth-watering bowl is super healthy.

This vegan dish boosts your metabolism and gives you the strength to work consistently for the whole day.

Also, roasted veggies with seasoning are flavorsome and make this bowl a delicious way to start a bright and happy morning.

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19. Black Bean And Quinoa Balls

vegan meal prep high protein
vegan meal prep high protein

Healthy, Gluten-free, oil-free, and rich in protein and nutrients these vegan black bean quinoa balls are the perfect breakfast dish.

To boost my metabolism I prefer to have this high protein dish right after doing intense body exercises. They make me feel wholesome and are tasty too.

At lunch, I serve these with pasta and spiralized zucchini to add a crisp touch to my meal.

Also, fresh pesto sauce works as a perfect dip with this delicacy. So what’s stopping you guys let’s try this out.

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20. Chickpea Salad 

cheap high-protein vegan meals
cheap high-protein vegan meals

This simple yet healthy salad recipe is just perfect to nourish your body with the right amount of protein.

Loaded with different vegetables and chickpea it is high in protein and fills your stomach in no time.

Also, you can have this vegan protein meal prep ready for an intense post-bodybuilding workout session.

So save your day and have this quick-to-prepare, tasteful and refreshing salad.

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21. Sweet Potato Quinoa Tofu Bowl

high protein vegan lunch
high protein vegan lunch

A combination of sweet potato with tofu is the best meal one can crave for.

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious as they are rich in vitamin B, C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and more. And tofu needs no special introduction.

For a jam-packed day, this vegan meal can be the perfect breakfast recipe that is fulfilling, easy to make,  and a treat for your hunger pangs!

This colorful nourishing bowl has tofu, lentils, kale, and a dressing of cool and creamy mint cilantro.

Garnish it with hemp seeds and yeah it’s ready.

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22. Chickpea Scramble Lettuce Wraps

low calorie high protein vegan meals
low-calorie high protein vegan meals

So juicy and chewy these flavorful chickpea scramble lettuce wraps are a great vegan option to have for lunch or dinner.

Budget-friendly and quick to prepare this high-protein vegan meal is easy and contains lots of nutrients.

It is satiating and so fulfilling that it saves you from extra hunger cravings.

Also, these wraps are flavorful and you can always add the sauce of your choice to them.

These can be served as a side dish and also work as a perfect picnic meal idea.

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23. Curry Red Lentil Stew

high protein vegan meals
high protein vegan meals

Sometimes looking for high-protein vegan lunch or dinner meals makes me go nuts.

As some of them include expensive ingredients or are time taking or too bland. But this super nutritious curry made my day when I served it to my family.

So wholesome, flavorsome and memorable it is. This high in protein curry can be served with hot chapati/bread or plain rice or vegetable rice or if you like with multigrain bread as well.

This is really quick and easy to make and makes a satiating lunch/dinner.

This is one of my favorite high protein vegan meals that you must try!

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The Best Sources of Vegan Protein

Soy products such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, and even soya milk are high in protein.

Beans, legumes, and pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, and red kidney beans are all extremely versatile.

When combined with grains such as pasta, rice, or quinoa, legumes make a particularly effective, affordable, and simple high-protein meal.

You can prepare these delicacies for different occasions, celebrations, birthday parties, or festivals. They are a real hit and super popular. Many of them have made my Christmas super special.

So save these healthy high protein vegan meals idea to make your holiday interesting and creative.

These delicacies can surely add a beautiful touch to your feasts and can work as weight loss diet recipes too.

These delicious vegan snacks and appetizers are perfect on-the-go options for vegans and vegetarians who need plant-based food options.

The linked recipes have step-by-step instructions and pictures. Follow along and make your own.

If you like these recipes do share them with your family and friends and don’t forget to comment below your favorite one.

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