23 Easy Vegan Snacks – Ideas & Recipes You'll Love!

23 Easy Vegan Snacks – Ideas & Recipes You’ll Love!

Looking for some easy vegan snack recipes to savor the taste of healthy and nutritious food? Here, we’ve got some of the most delicious vegan snack ideas and recipes for your plant-based food journey that is tasty, filling, and kid-friendly too.

Sometimes it becomes challenging being Vegan as you have limited options of food. Just fruits and vegetables possibly all the time may make you feel bored.

But what if you can create your own tasteful varieties out of the ones available? Won’t that be great?

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Life’s tough when you’re a vegan who needs to fulfill your snack list with tasty and nutritious plant-based appetizers!

A vegan diet includes only plant foods and excludes all animal products, limiting the selection of snack foods at times.

You can be the creative chef here as well as take perfect care of your body with these quick, delicious and easy Healthy Vegan Snacks Recipes.

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These quirky vegan snack ideas are helpful in losing weight as well as you can have them right after your intensive workout as well.

They are not just nutritious but good to go with your fun parties or can settle well in your cute little lunchboxes as well.

Fix your snack attacks with these plant-based vegan snack recipes!

1. Baked Zucchini Chips

unprocessed vegan snacks
unprocessed vegan snacks

Going vegan can sometimes make you feel stuck with tasty options.

But these low-carb and keto-friendly, dairy-free, baked zucchini chips are really easy to make and perfect for your vegan diet!

A low-calorie and tasty alternative to regular potato chips.

This healthier plant-based chips recipe is a vegan treat and can be stored for evening snacking!

It is healthy, easy to make with only a few ingredients, and a great snack for busy work or on the go.

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2. Easy Vegan Bruschetta

healthy snack ideas vegan
healthy snack ideas vegan

Bruschetta is the classic Italian appetizer or snack item!

This vegan bruschetta recipe is flavourful, delicious, and perfect for satiating your evening hunger pangs. It’s filling and healthy!

It is vegan, kid-friendly, comforting, and great for an evening break.

This easy vegan recipe is fast to make and features some simple ingredients like fresh tomatoes, balsamic, olive oil, and basil for the perfect Italian-inspired appetizer.

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3. Sticky Baked Sesame Cauliflower

easy vegan snack recipe
easy vegan snack recipe

Battered, baked, and smothered in a sweet and spicy sesame sauce, this sticky sesame cauliflower is sure to be enjoyed by everyone!

This amazing recipe is a treat for vegetarians, and vegans who are always looking out for tasty dairy-free recipes!

This is so so easy, so yummy and so good-looking!

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4. Berry Baked Oatmeal Bars

healthy vegan snack ideas for kids
healthy vegan snack ideas for kids

Who loves berries? We all do. Right?

And what if I tell you that you can make amazingly delicious vegan snacks out of juicy berries combined with healthy oats?

And being nutritious these vegan berry-baked oatmeal bars are a rich source of vitamins and gluten-free too.

I always make a jar full of them and let them flow in my breakfasts or brunches.

Also during traveling, I love eating them when I don’t get many vegan options!

These vegan quick break oatmeal bars are healthier to have on a tiring day or right after your bodybuilding exercises.

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5. Vegan Jalapeño Poppers

Vegan Low Carb Snacks
Vegan Low Carb Snacks

It’s time to party vegan-style. You in? This spicy vegan appetizer is my all-time favorite!

Vegan, gluten-free baked jalapeño poppers with tons of flavor, cheesiness, and the perfect crispy top.

This recipe is simple and comes together in 30 minutes and is a perfect easy vegan party snack!

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6. Keto Energy Balls

easy vegan snack
easy vegan snack

This easy-to-make dish is a Vegan, no-bake recipe, also paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free.

Children love these crunchy and sweet vegan chocolate balls and you can easily store them to take them to work later.

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7. Trail Mix Granola Bars

vegan snacks
vegan snacks

Nutty, seedy, vegan and utterly delicious these healthy trail mix granola bars will make you pop out of your lazy day.

This crunchy vegan snack is super nutritious to have right after intense workout exercises as they are full of vitamins and antioxidants.

These bars are full of nutty dry fruits and seeds like cranberries, blueberries, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.

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Juicy in taste, these vegan bars are high in protein and they keep you full for the whole day.

They are power-packed and real hunger saviors.   

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8. Vegetable Potato Fritters

healthy vegan snacks
healthy vegan snacks

Who doesn’t love fritters? Everyone does right? So why not make a crispy vegan version of fritters?

These are healthy, tasty, and nutritious as well. And it will be the best choice to serve them with spicy sriracha mayonnaise.

It’s really quick to make and potato with other vegetables brings out a starchy flavored bite.

With red lentils, this vegan snack recipe is packed with protein and really fulfilling.

Smoked red paprika makes them taste super good and flavorful and they can be served with apple sauce or with one of your choice.

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9. Vegan Snickers Bars 

vegan snacks ideas
vegan snacks ideas

Vegan snicker bars are the perfect snack to start a power-packed healthy day.

They provide you with extra strength and make you feel warm in winter. This vegan recipe is a must to add to your weight loss recipes list.

These vegan bars are toppled with salted peanut caramel and loaded with roasted peanuts. Also, they have a creamy super good coating of vegan milk chocolate.

They can be served as a sweet appetizer, on-the-go bite, or wrap-up dessert for your gatherings.

You can also carry this easy-to-make vegan snack in a box and can save them for later use.

This quick recipe is surely gonna make you feel hungry.

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10. Chocolate Quinoa Crisps

quick vegan snacks
quick vegan snacks

This delicious, mouth-watering, and time-saving dessert treat recipe as I absolutely loved it.

Crispy yet delicate, yummy yet healthy these vegan, nutritious and not baked chocolate quinoa crisps are the perfect snacks to serve in high-tea.

Also, you can make a jar full of them for the upcoming holidays. And just have one or two after your intense body workout.

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11. Vegan Air-Fried Tofu Nuggets

vegan healthy snacks
vegan healthy snacks

Nutritious, healthy, and crispy this vegan air-fried tofu dish will serve your low-carb demand perfectly.

It is really easy to make and super quick to satiate your hunger and cravings.

You can also snack/starter serve different types of creamy sauces with them and just sprinkle some herbs over them to add real-time flavors.

Just a few minutes and this vegan delicacy is ready to roll.

This can be served as a quick snack in brunch or as a side dish as well to your noodles, flavored rice, or creamy salads too.

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12. Vegan Spinach Pizza Rolls

snacks for vegans
snacks for vegans

You must be wondering how can pizza be healthy. But that’s the secret here my friend.

This healthy gluten-free recipe for a vegan pizza is keto friendly also.

Serving you with just the right amount of nutrition these vegan pizza rolls just take 30 minutes to get ready.

They are cheesy, full of green veggies, creamy, and flavorful.

These quick quirky bites for those lazy days when I just want a quick vegan bite!

They go so well with my pocket and my guest’s appetite and bring me lots of compliments too.

So get up quickly and convert this boring day into a fun one.

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13. Healthy Apple Nachos

vegan snack ideas
vegan snack ideas

My kids didn’t like to have apples until I made out of it this creative sweet and salty vegan delicacy.  The kids just loved it and asked for it over and over the last Christmas holiday. Oh and it’s so quick to prepare just 5 minutes folks, it saved tons of my time too.

It’s loaded with crispy spiced-up nachos, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and sweet little pieces of apple.

It’s full of protein and nutritious enough to keep you healthy and active. Just serve it as your brunch snack as a quick yummy bite.

Also, you can drizzle over it some warm peanut butter right when you serve it to give it a creamy luscious taste.

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14. Air Fryer Kale Chips

easy to make vegan snacks
easy to make vegan snacks

Sometimes at high tea, I like to have a crispy and quick-to-make vegan snack.

These kale chips are so healthy and can be prepared with just a few plant-based ingredients.

Air-fried kale is the best use of leftover kale and is loved to be kids. It can be served with different creamy salads.

And they provide an alternative to those high-fat fried potato chips.

Just drizzling a bit of olive oil and sprinkling salt is the secret behind this delicious crisp appetizer.

This is budget-friendly recipe so you can always serve it to large gatherings as a side dish.

You can store them for a day or two so prepare this highly nutritious and quick recipe ahead of time.

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15. Vegan Burrito

Vegan Snack recipes
Vegan Snack recipes

Healthy, high in protein, and appetizing this recipe of quick-to-make vegan burritos are loaded with a variety of vegetables.

Fresh veggies like freshly chopped green lettuce, starchy rice or quinoa, black beans, guacamole, etc. also you can go as per your taste buds adding up here more veggies of your choice.

This vegan burrito recipe is so easy and quick to prepare also it fills your stomach in no time.

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This can be served as a side dish in lunch or dinner or as a complete meal with a salad.

Impress your guests with this lovely and wholesome delicacy.

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16. Vegan Veggie Balls

easy vegan snacks
easy vegan snacks

Vegetables are the ultimate choice for vegans. But this delicious vegan veggie balls recipe will make you fall in love with them.

With your favorite veggies like corn, onion, potato, cabbage, carrot, and many more these colorful balls are wholesome and appetizing.

These can be the perfect vegan starter with a variety of sauces for your crazy parties. Being full of vegetables this dish is high in protein and vitamins.

Also, it is so flavorful that you can never get bored of being vegan.

This can also be served with fresh finger fries making it a complete meal for the little ones.

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17. No-Bake Brownie Bites

healthy vegan snack
healthy vegan snack

Fudgy, healthy, and chocolaty these brownies will be loved by your guests.  They melt so warmly in the mouth and taste heavenly.

This easy vegan snack idea is highly nutritious and satiable to one’s appetite. It saves you from late-night cravings and reduces your hunger too.

With just 7 simple ingredients and dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, dates,s, etc. it is good to go.

Also, these don’t contain eggs, butter, and refined sugar. So perfectly vegan, healthy, and tasty too!

Aren’t they wonderful? Just 10 minutes folks. And Yeah!! It’s ready.

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18. Roasted Chickpeas Recipes

vegan grab and go snacks
vegan grab-and-go snacks

Healthy, high in protein, and quick to make these roasted chickpeas are tasty, crazy, and the perfect vegan snacks one can always have.

You can serve them in a small cute bowl with your meals to add a crispy touch. These are spicy and so flavorful.

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Also being baked these are absolutely nutritious. I make them especially when my family is on vacation as kids always want one thing or the other to eat.

And these chickpeas are perfectly appetizing appetizers.

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Now you don’t have to scratch your head every time pondering over what to eat. These recipes will make your day super productive and you’ll feel active and energetic as well.

But even if you follow a vegan lifestyle we have countless combinations of plant foods that can make up healthy and satisfying snacks that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty!

These delicious vegan snacks and appetizers are perfect on-the-go options for vegans and vegetarians who need plant-based food options.

The linked recipes have step-by-step instructions and pictures. Follow along and make your own.

If you like these recipes do share them with your family and friends and don’t forget to comment below your favorite one.

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